Spurs are Growing on Me

I used to hate San Antonio. They were so boring to watch. So drama free and style deprived. So healthy all the time.
This year, watching them blow through Denver, watching them knock off Phoenix, witnessing them dog Utah, I have developed a sincere appreciation for the greatness of this team. They are so thorough.
I still dislike Bruce Bowen. He’s so overrated. He’s a hack who gets away with it because he’s supposed to be this great defender, and a cheap-shot artist to boot. He gets far too much kudos for someone so unskilled at basketball. Anyway, because of my disdain for Bowen, I disliked the Spurs. I cheered when they lost. I got angry when they won. I rooted for whoever they played against.
But now, being forced to look at the NBA from an objective perspective, I can see how good that team is. They are so disciplined, so cohesive. Gregg Popovich is so underrated.
They may not lose again. Maybe Detroit gets a game, but Cleveland gets swept. Easily.
See how San Antonio dismantled the Jazz, who bullied the Warriors. What would the Spurs have done to the Warriors? It would have been ugly. It might’ve been a good thing they lost to the Jazz. At least they were in there against Utah. Facing San Antonio could’ve been demoralizing beyond repair.
Or, how many of you actually thought the Warriors had a chance against the Spurs?

Marcus Thompson

  • Jim

    Crazy thing is that the Mavs had the best matchup against the Spurs. I did not think Phoenix matched up well against them; but that series was ruined by the overreaction of the NBA in suspending Amare and Diaw. It is sad that the Spurs will have such a weak Eastern rival. Why isn’t the Finals riveting drama !! Basketball is such a great sport but just kills its appeal with flops, dress codes, techs for clapping, rigid cap and trade rules, etc. And for all the tinkering, we get Cavs Pistons games in the seventies and an uncompetitive finals. When Stern can says that a seven game series is meant to prevent upsets, I wonder what the hell is he just into control? Seven games prevents a freak upset ala 5 games but allows for a manificent upset ala the Warriors. Too much to tackle here.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Marcus, your take on Bowen is right on. If you can make even Vince Carter mad enough to fight, you must be a cheap-shot artist.

    But I still can’t warm to the Spurs — partly because of Ginobili, flopper supreme, but also because the rest of team wins through defense and doggedly working for high-percentage shots, which isn’t so much fun to watch. Call me shallow.

    The NBA is in trouble that the exciting brand of basketball that’s fun to watch doesn’t actually win in the playoffs. It gives me a new respect for the Showtime Lakers and the Celtics — those matchups were never dull!