Who Should the Warriors Take?

If I’m the Warriors, I move the pick and one of the tradeable commodoties for a proven veteran. But if they had to keep the No. 18 pick, the player I’m drafting is a no brainer …
Josh McRoberts.
What? I’m looking out for your best interest. Warriors fans need another Dukie to hate!
Seriously, the crop is thin at 18. I can’t decide whether I would take a big man or a point guard, leaning towards a big man though. The best-case scenario is having someone drop into their lap, such as Joakim Noah or Spencer Hawes. But that’s unlikely, because it is usually perimeter players who fall.
I don’t know about this Thaddeus Young. His rebound numbers are too low for me. Is he better than Josh Powell? He certainly won’t be cheaper because the No. 18 pick will be getting about $1.5 million next year.
This will certainly change, but I’d take Jason Smith out of Colorado State. Haven’t seen much of him, but from what I read, he’s the guy who (on paper) provides what the Warriors need. He’s got the size (7-0, 240) but can run the floor. He’s a good rebounder and he has a midrange jumper. He shot 77 percent from the FT line last season. Sounds like a fit, but I’m still hoping someone falls.

Marcus Thompson