Who Should the Warriors Take?

If I’m the Warriors, I move the pick and one of the tradeable commodoties for a proven veteran. But if they had to keep the No. 18 pick, the player I’m drafting is a no brainer …
Josh McRoberts.
What? I’m looking out for your best interest. Warriors fans need another Dukie to hate!
Seriously, the crop is thin at 18. I can’t decide whether I would take a big man or a point guard, leaning towards a big man though. The best-case scenario is having someone drop into their lap, such as Joakim Noah or Spencer Hawes. But that’s unlikely, because it is usually perimeter players who fall.
I don’t know about this Thaddeus Young. His rebound numbers are too low for me. Is he better than Josh Powell? He certainly won’t be cheaper because the No. 18 pick will be getting about $1.5 million next year.
This will certainly change, but I’d take Jason Smith out of Colorado State. Haven’t seen much of him, but from what I read, he’s the guy who (on paper) provides what the Warriors need. He’s got the size (7-0, 240) but can run the floor. He’s a good rebounder and he has a midrange jumper. He shot 77 percent from the FT line last season. Sounds like a fit, but I’m still hoping someone falls.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    Drafting at #18, we’ll be doing well if we can get someone who can play solid back-up minutes. If we can’t find someone like that, drafting Tiago Splitter and waiting a year may be a good gamble (maybe we can convince Tiago’s team to let him go now in exchange for Jasikevicius).

  • Creepy Ross

    Marcus – Chad Ford from espn.com has mentioned several times that the w’s are really interested in Yi Jianlian, the 7′ pf from China. Yi’s agent kept him from the combine and is apparently only making him available for pre-draft workouts to teams that are a good fit in terms of both basketball and culture.

    With the Bay Area’s huge Chinese community and the dubs need for size, it would seem gs would be on their wish list. Have you heard anything about the warriors moving up to get him?

  • commish

    Marcus, after the pre-draft rounds in Orlando, Smith is projected to go much higher than 18. He is the obvious choice but probably won’t be available. McRoberts got really low marks.

    In addition, Chicago has a lot more to offer in terms of moving up for Yi than we do and is on the “ok” list of possible teams.

    I’m guessing we might get lucky at 18 for the BAP (best available player) or perhaps even move up if we can trade J-Rich to save some big $$$ and move some other players we don’t want (Cabbage, POB, sign and trade for MP or a combination of the above).

    Regardless, these are interesting times.

    Oh, by the way, your article about Kobe in the CC Times today was awesome. Folks who haven’t seen it can go to:


  • EJ

    I say trade the pick along with Pietrus to Seattle for Watson or Ridnour.

  • Jason

    You definitely have to take Jason Smith at 18. If he’s there. Some people are saying that Detroit will draft him at 15 but, as of this morning, the word is that they’ve given their word to Rodney Stuckey.

    Smith is 7 foot version of Josh McRoberts without the crying and questionable motor. He plays hard, has a deadly mid-range jumper out to about 20 feet and is way more athletic than people would like to give him credit for. Easily as athletic as Al Harrington and a far better rebounder. He’s an absolutely perfect sub for Biedrins because he changes the pick and roll to a pick pop and the rebounding won’t decline too much.

  • Jason

    Marcus, I heard a rumor that warriors are trying to trade 1st round pick for more 2nd round picks or a future 1st round pick.I think this is a real possibility because the guys the warriors are working out are mostly 2nd round guys.Almond is the only 1st round guy they are working out.I think the warriors are going to trade their 1st round pick for more 2nd round picks.

  • zgreat

    That’s an interesting rumor but unlike the NFL, teams rarely seem to trade 1st round picks for 2nd round picks in the NBA without a player being involved.

  • zgreat

    The most recent workout list on draftexpress includes a number of guys who should be candidates for the 18th pick.

    Marcus, do you know if the Warriors intend to workout Devon? He’s had injury problems and may have fewer moves then AB, but he certainly has NBA size and athleticism.


  • manhattanproj

    never seen much of jason smith, but i’ve seen josh mcroberts. he can play. i dont know where postor jason heard about his questionable motor and his crying, to me he plays with heart. if anyone watched some duke games, he plays with a lot of intensity. he’s too unselfish to his detriments. he easily has top 10 skills/potenital. he is basically joakim noah with more offensive skills but less athleticism. he was a top 5 pick coming out of high school.

    i dont know whether he can fit into the w’s run and gun style, but he has play-making abilities at the 4/5 spot. he rebounds and blocks well. he was the only big man in the duke team. had the talent around him been a bit better, he’s easily up there in talks with noah, horford, and brendan wright.

    i like him at 18. i also like nick young (possible replacement for j-rich or jackson).

  • Thaddeus Young was the MVP of the Jordan Classic in 06 which included Kevin Durant. Tyoung schooled Durant like butter! If you dont believe me, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2Syh8zSChE
    a young KG!