The Yi Movement

Golden State of Mind started The Yi Movement, a pretty cool catch phrase for hype to get Chinese center Yi Jianlian to the Bay.
Word is the Warriors like Yi (Of course they do. Who doesn’t?) and are trying to move up to get him (Of course they are). He’s projected to go between 3 and 10. The question is, do the Warriors have to move up?
He apparently he has all the tools, according to the scouting reports. Most important, he can rebound and shoot and run the floor. That’s the combination the Warriors need.
What would you give up for Yi? Ellis? Biedrins?
I’ll tell you what, Richardson doesn’t get you into the top 10. Nor does anyone on the roster, save for Ellis and Biedrins plus the No. 18.
Who in the top 10 would want to take on Richardson’s contract instead of drafting Corey Brewer or Jeff Green or Nick Young? Who would rather have Harrington over Julian Wright or Al Thornton or Thaddeus Young?
Here’s an interesting twist: if Yi’s there at 10, the Warriors would have to trade with rival Sacramento in order to get Yi.
Another interesting twist: Phoenix will assuredly dangle Shawn Marion to move up. How will that impact the Warriors chances? Ditto for Chicago, who wants Yi as well.
This will likely be a moot point as Yi could very well go to Atlanta at No. 3 or Boston at No. 5. If he falls below 10, the Warriors chances decrease. Yi would certainly be the highest players left on the board for any team selecting 11th or lower. A smart GM would snatch him up even if to trade him later. The Warriors best bet is to find a way to get into the top 10. Though the cost might be too high, though.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    Marcus – Can you give us some insight as to which teams in addition to GS and Chicago made the approved List?

    If we need to give up AB, I can’t see us making a deal to move up. Can you imagine how badly we’d get killed on the boards without AB on the roster?

    Would it be easier to get Marion rather then move up?

  • Thanks for the shout out MT!

    The Yi Movement has been going strong at Golden State of Mind since July 5, 2006.

  • manhattanproj

    being a chinese myself, i would love to see a professional chinese bball player on the team, esp one as highly touted as yi. but there’s a big bust factor with yi. he needs development and patience.

    with what the w’s are trying to do, i’m not sure if it would be a good environment for him. it would put way too much pressure on him to perform ala mike dunleavy and we know bay area fans are hecklers. given the track record of player development in w’s land (murph, pietrus, dunleavy), and the fact that don nelson who helped groom dirk and josh howard wont be here for long to develop yi, it just doesnt make sense to draft him.

    he would be better off going to a team like suns where he can be brought along slowly and have a mentor in nash and amare. mike d is also an excellent coach in developing and utilizing players (bell, barbosa, diaw).

    so, in short, i’m hoping w’s dont draft yi.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Yi? Please tell me what you like so much about him. Can he guard Boozer? Can he slow Duncan? Can he stop Stoudemire? I don’t see him doing any of those things. Those are the only things we need to win a championship. Give up Biedrins or J-Rich??? You have to be kidding me. I’ll keep them and my #17 pick.
    Also, what do you think about Dominic McGuire in the 2nd round? He’s athletic, can shoot a 3 and loves to dunk.

  • commish

    I think Yi might have a big upside but I don’t think we’d see it right away, even if could mortage our present potential for the future. IMHO, we have two to three years to make our move in our division and conference before Portland becomes unbeatable and Baron’s age catches up with him. We need Richardson and or Harrington along with Ellis to offer a trade to get the low post, defensively talented player we so obviously lack. AK47 is being discussed staight up for Richardson and I think that option would make a lot more sense than taking a flier on Yi’s potential upside.

    I would try to move up to get Jason Smith because I don’t think he’ll be available at 18. But some polls show Splitter available at 18. I think either of those guys would fill an immediate need to get bigger and more athletic.

  • manhattanproj

    lets hope the w’s dont pick jason smith. played in a small conference, limited skills, only being considered a draft prospect because of his size…reminds me alot of rafael arajuo. yikes!!!