Game 2 is Coach’s Fault

Mike Brown cost the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 2. The moment he substituted LeBron James after that second foul, the game was over. At the point, you knew the Spurs were going to go on a run. And you know San Antonio can’t be caught from behind, not by a team so offensively challenged.
The best bet for Cleveland to beat the Spurs at the AT&T Center is to keep it close, keep it close, keep it close, and then try to pull it out at the end. It’s not get behind by double-digits, then catch-up and overtake them. That just ain’t going to happen.
That’s why Mike Brown never should’ve taken LeBron out of the game. Poor starts equals a loss against the Spurs. So King James just has to play with foul trouble.
It only goes to show Brown’s inexperience. Not only does LeBron have crappy teammates around him (anybody seen Larry Hughes?), he has a coach who is getting schooled. It’s not fair, really. Popovich is one of the all-time greats, and Brown is in his first finals.
Nonetheles, it’s a lot to overcome.

Marcus Thompson