Gilbert’s Announcement Helps Warriors

Arenas came out and said he would be exercising his early termination option next offseason. In a very roundabout kind of way, this helps the Warriors.
Why? Because it takes some leverage away from Baron.
If the Warriors decide not to sign BD to an extension this summer, Baron would’ve been the hottest point guard on the market. Sure, Jameer Nelson and Earl Boykins might be available. Jason Williams, Carlos Arroyo and Sam Cassell will be available.
But B. Diddy would’ve been the prize jewel. Now, with Arenas certain to be available (he turned down a three-year extension from Washington so he can get more money as a free agent next offseason), Davis wouldn’t be in as high of a demand. In fact, he might even play second fiddle because Arenas is younger.
This, my friends, is bargaining power. Davis’ major chip right now is that if he opts out, he may get an offer the Warriors can’t afford next summer. But with Arenas out there, other teams may not be willing to throw the bank at Baron.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    It’s the return of Agent 0 to the Bay in 2008! We need to start campaigning for this right now. Maybe we can use Ellis as a bargaining chip since he’s only under contract until next season?

  • commish

    I think what you wrote has great insight; and, as you point out, 00’s decree can create the kind of leverage we need to get too carried away with extending Baron to the exclusion of meeting other fiscal and team needs.

    I do have a question as to what was Gilbert’s reason or agenda to make his pronouncement now. Do you have any idea of why now?

  • EJ

    If I may, I think it’s just Gilbert being Gilbert.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Gilbert is in the same shoes as Baron. He is due for a contract extension. But he’s turning it down because it is more lucrative to become a free agent. First off, he can only add three years to the last two he already has (next year, plus the opt-out year). If he was to become a unrestricted free agent, he could sign a six-year deal.
    Secondly, he stands to get more money as a free agent. The CBA allows him to get up to a 10.5 percent raise on the last year of his current deal. He’s set to make $12.8 in that opt out year, which means the most his first year of his extension could be is about $14M. The biggest increase he could get each year is $1.34M (which is 10.5 percent of $12.8M), so the most he could get is a three year extension worth about $46.5. Add that to the final two years of his contract, the most Gilbert could earn over the next five seasons (including 07-08) is $71.2M.
    As a free agent, Arenas is eligible for a max deal, which would pay him closer to $15 million, maybe more, in the first year. If the number is 15, with the maximum 10.5 percent raises, Arenas could sign a six-year deal worth $113.7M. Unlike Baron, who is older than Gilbert and has injury problems in his past, Arenas shouldn’t have any problem getting a team to throw the max at him.