Gilbert’s Announcement Helps Warriors

Arenas came out and said he would be exercising his early termination option next offseason. In a very roundabout kind of way, this helps the Warriors.
Why? Because it takes some leverage away from Baron.
If the Warriors decide not to sign BD to an extension this summer, Baron would’ve been the hottest point guard on the market. Sure, Jameer Nelson and Earl Boykins might be available. Jason Williams, Carlos Arroyo and Sam Cassell will be available.
But B. Diddy would’ve been the prize jewel. Now, with Arenas certain to be available (he turned down a three-year extension from Washington so he can get more money as a free agent next offseason), Davis wouldn’t be in as high of a demand. In fact, he might even play second fiddle because Arenas is younger.
This, my friends, is bargaining power. Davis’ major chip right now is that if he opts out, he may get an offer the Warriors can’t afford next summer. But with Arenas out there, other teams may not be willing to throw the bank at Baron.

Marcus Thompson