Varejao! Varejao!

What was going through his head? His team needing a bucket, LeBron kicks it out to him as a safety valve. Insiead of kicking it back, Varejao starts reliving his glory days as a pick-up legend in Brazil, like Al Bundy re-living his Polk High days.
You know he had to be thinking, “This is my time. I’m about to be the hero.”
He dribbles left on Tim Duncan, a perennial All-NBA defender, spins back toward the middle and leans in to prepare for a pretty scoop layup. As he rises towards the basket, you know those thoughts was running through his head, “This is my moment. I’m going to make the game-winning play. Save the Cheerleader, Save the Cavs.”
Of course, Varejao was quickly reminded he’s a limited scrub at the NBA level who thrives in a role that doesn’t involve going one-on-one with Tim Duncan and the NBA Finals on the line.
What makes the Spurs so special is that their role players stick to their roles, master their roles. You don’t see Brent Barry waiving off the defense to isolate his man. You don’t see Fabricio Oberto pulling up from three. Too bad for Cleveland they have Varejao, trying to save the cheerleader in a single bound.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    Great Al Bundy reference, Marcus. You remember that episode of Fresh Prince when Wil was the star of the basketball team and Carlton got all jealous and decided to take the last shot? What’s even worse is that Varejao’s ‘Iceman scoop’ didn’t even hit rim!

  • commish

    But can he hit a free throw to give his team a win in the second round away from your home court. Give me a break. I’d love to have this guy on our team. We would have been the team losing the Spurs instead of the Jazz in the conference finals.

    Tell me the truth–who on our team wouldn’t you trade for him other than Baron and maybe AB?

  • Marcus Thompson

    Coach: “Now, what’s the play?”
    Team: “Get the ball to Will!”

  • Marcus Thompson

    C’mon, commish. Varejao? For one, his act only works in the East. He’s too slow to keep up. Secondly, he wouldn’t play for the Warriors. He does what Andris does, but not as well. Andris can finish, Varejao can’t. No way would I play the two together, so Varejao wouldn’t play. Nellie doesn’t play big guys who can’t score. Otherwise, Foyle would’ve played.
    I’m not a Varejao fan. He’s a gimmick who isn’t getting any better.

  • commish

    I guess I’m desperate for some big bodies to help bang the boards. Nuf said; and thanks for straighting me out.