Cavs Looking for a Pick

Cleveland doesn’t have a pick in this year’s draft. But they want one. They’re looking to shell out some loot for it. The most they can give is $3 million, which is not enough for a top-20 pick in my opinion.
So, what would you take from Cleveland in order to give up the No. 18 pick, or is it even an option?
If the Warriors feel like they can move up, obviously a deal with the Cavs is a no go. But if not, I’m not to enamored with what they’d be getting at No. 18. Certainly, they’re not giving up Daniel Gibson, but do they have anything else you’d want?
Shannon Brown plus the $3 million sounds interesting. What about Drew Gooden and the $3 million?

Marcus Thompson

  • Joe

    Shannon Brown? Drew Gooden? Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather roll the dice and take Sean Williams of BC than these two. Better yet, why not package the 18th, the lower of the 2nd, and either Harrington, Jackson or Richardson to move up and get one of these real power forwards. Heck, I might even entertain an offer for Monta..

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    The draft is exciting, but realistically the Warriors need an elite power forward to contend for a championship at this point. Drew Gooden is, as we’re seeing, not good enough to make much difference against a team like the Spurs in the short term, or like the Blazers in the long-term. Even Boozer wasn’t!

    So if I’m Mullie, I’m waiting for McHale to pull the trigger and then back up the truck — one guy from each category: a) Monta Ellis, Andris Biederins b) J. Rich, Harrington c) the 18th pick, Harrington

    If Garnett isn’t offered, than you wait — and in the meantime draft the best player available at 18. One of Auerbach’s secrets as a GM: “I wait for the other guy to screw up.” Mullie clearly followed this Auerbach maxim with the Baron trade, and with the Jax/Harrington trade. Let’s hope he can find a way to do it again.

    Blog question: Do you think Jermaine O’Neal is worth the Warriors pursuing, and why?

  • EJ

    I don’t think J.O. would really fit with the Warriors. Didn’t the Pacers unload Harrington because they both played the same position? I’d make the deal on Gooden and 3 mil for the #18. But Shannon Brown? No way. I was watching the shootaround behind the Mike Breen and the pre-game show and the guy didn’t hit one jumper. He was pretty one dimensional at MSU. I’d rather hold on to Pietrus.