Warriors Working Out No-Names

There will be a parade of unheard-ofs, second rounders and training camp hopefuls coming through the Warriors facility. With the No. 18 pick in the draft, the top tier talent have little reason to work out for the Warriors.
Sure, Golden State could move up. But if they do, it will be someone high on their list, someone they already know who they want to get. It’s highly unlikely a workout will change their opinion.
So, the Warriors are left with the also-rans of the draft. Today it was North Carolina small forward Reyshawn Terry, Wisconsin swingman Alondo Tucker, Boise State guard Coby Karl and Kansas State forward Cartier Martin.
Terry is a second rounder who possibly could creep into the first round). Tucker is a projected second rounder who is unlikely to be available when the Warriors pick at No. 36. Karl could very well go undrafted and Martin is hoping for a training camp invite.
The big wigs of this year’s draft, the Warriors will have to go see them (as if they haven’t seen enough) in personal workouts, like they did for Yi Jianlin. Knowing Chris Mullin, who plays every thing close to the vest, he wouldn’t have any big names come work out if for nothing else than to prevent tipping the rest of the league, and especially the media, to who the Warriors are looking to move up and acquire.
So, to steal a line from Rick Pitino, Greg Oden isn’t walking through that door! Al Horford isn’t walking through that door!

Marcus Thompson