Blog Question

“Marcus, Do you think the Warriors could check back on some of the players who they cut last year: Dajuan Wagner, Chris Taft, Anthony Roberson? I liked them all and would like to see them given another chance.” – Jim

I’m sure those guys get a look. But to be honest, the players in the draft, who could arguably give the same thing, would be cheaper. The minimum salary for the aforementioned is higher than Wagner or Taft or Roberson. With Wagner and Taft, those guys are too injury prone to even risk, in my opinion. I’d rather get a second rounder whose hungry and have no injury history than to go back to an ex.
However, I do get your point and I think Josh Powell and Kelenna Azubuike are the players they can look to. Both those guys are free agents, but they have a better chance of contributing than a second rounder and aren’t much more expensive.
In fact, to me, unless they move up into the top 10, the Warriors won’t get a better power forward in the draft than Powell. And Powell would likely make less money than a No. 18 pick. The minimum for a third-year player is just under $800,000 I think. If I could move the pick to land a free agent, I would do it in a heart beat and let Powell be the incoming youngster.

Marcus Thompson