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“if you are mullin, will you draft for needs (pf/c) or for the best available player/talent? i think the past two years, mullin really screwed up by drafting on needs, ike and pob, instead of the best available players (granger, seflosha, marcus williams). he acutally has done better in the 2nd round because he was drafting the best available talent.”
– manhattanproj

He is definitely an intriguing option for the Warriors’ third pick of the draft. I’m not sure he’s perfect for Nellie. He has lost a lot of weight, but has he lost enough? Is he fit enough for Nellie ball? Harrington wasn’t, and he wasn’t fat like Big Baby.
Plus, Glen is undersized. That may not hinder him on offense, but it certainly will on defense. The Warriors need someone who can protect the basket and guard a post player (preferrably without any help). Can he do that?
I think he’s worth a try. By the time the Warriors pick at No. 46, there will be few as talented. I love his post game, his passion, his versatility. But the Warriors need size and skill down low, in someone who can keep up. I don’t know if he’s that guy.

Marcus Thompson

  • dareedle

    I disagree that Mullin blew it with Diogu and OB. Diogu has not developed, but his potential help cement the Murphy departure. OB was brought in for Monty, who had a system of using low post players in his offense which is completely different from the Nellie ball offense (you draft a player to fit the system). Finally, the best value is drafting is either help me now PF or PG. A young stud PG can change a team over night (Chicago, Phoenix, Hornets and Jazz). A PF like Biedrins, David Lee or even Milsap are extremely valuable and rare commodities. Drafting the best athlete available means drafting a perimeter player and they are dime a dozen in this league (Manu, Arenas and Ellis (2nd rounders) Boykins (CBA), (Bowen free agency).

  • manhattanproj

    like you’ve mentioned, pob was drafted for the monty system, that’s a need. and i said the best talent/player, not the most athletically gifted. i love ike and i think he has potential but i hate to say it, how many 6’7″ pf make it in the nba? yes he can score in the block but he gives up more pts and rebs in the other end. he also never had to play or learn a system in both hs and college. and keep in mind, lee and milsap are late 1st round and 2nd rd picks. they were the best talents left when drafted, not needs.

    and pls dont abuse the phrase that wings are dime a dozen. are you telling me that teams should pass on kevin durant and pick a 7 foot stiff? it applies when you are looking at ok but not good players. i consider granger and sefolosha to be good players. either one would have helped the w’s more than ike or pob had. but i’ll give you that ike helped land the trade. talents are talents. it doesnt matter if you have too much, it only matters if you dont have enough. coaches will always find ways to play them. just b/c you have kobe or a t-mac doesnt mean you wont draft d-wade, lebron, carmelo..etc.

    like i said, i think mullin should go for the best talent rather than needs. drafting for needs land you guys like sam bowie.