Jackson Pleads Out

So, the Warriors won’t have to deal with Jackson’s court issues, at least not his Indiana ones. He still has to deal with the allegations that he violated his probation in Michigan stemming from the brawl with the Pistons. Assuming he’ll get some kind of plea deal for that (as they always do), the Jackson will be free and clear of legal issues, which makes him much more tradeable. Though his temper is an issue, he played well enough this season to remind the league that he can be a dominant player. Combine that fact with his relatively small contract, and he’s certainly a much more marketable piece.
Do they want to trade Jax? Probably not. But if Mullin really has taken Richardson off the market, Jackson is the Warriors’ next most valuable asset. Some might say Harrington, but Jackson (three years, $21.4M left) is cheaper and a better overall player in my mind than Harrington (three years, $27.7M left).
The Warriors are much more likely to move up in the draft if they can offer Jackson and the No. 18 than if they offered Pietrus and the pick. Potential trade partners, such as Minnesota, might be more interested in Jackson than Richardson (four years, $51M left).

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    Marcus, I read that Jasikevicious is interested in playing for the Cavs. Seeing as how they don’t have a pick in the draft would it be possible to deal Sarunas, O’Bryant and our pick for Drew Gooden and maybe cash? I doubt he’ll opt out of 4 mill next season.

  • Marcus Thompson

    It would have to be after July 1 because Drew is a base year player. But this wouldn’t be bad from either side. The Cavs get to cut Drew’s salary (two years $13.5M remaining) and a servicable PG to back up Gibson (Sarunas is much better suited in their system). The Warriors get rid of dead weight and get some help on inside and a pretty good mid-range shooter for a big man.
    Doubt if the Warriors would be willing to give up Pat for just Drew. While he doesn’t fit the Warriors center, he still might be worth more than that.

  • commish

    I read that Jax will have to be suspended by the NBA because he plead to a felony. The thought was anywhere from 5-20 games. I’m sure that might effect his trade value a little anyway. Also, with his history and temper, he is probably one incident from a major suspension. I would think he’ll be with the Warriors next season, if for no other reason, it seems he and Baron are good buds at least on the court. They seem to make each other better by taking pressure off the other at various times.

  • EJ

    Wasn’t it reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony because of the plea deal? I don’t remember the league taking action over their players’ off-court behavior (a la Goodell), but I could be wrong. Isn’t it usually up to the team for disciplinary action?

    Marcus, you think Mullin could convince the Cavs to take Foyle? If not, can’t they place him on the coaching staff or something to get his salary off the books? ANYTHING???