Celtics Hatin’ on Warriors

The two teams are in serious talks. Apparently, Al Jefferson is appealing to Kevin McHale (so, I’m sure, is the opportunity to help his former teammate and to restore his former franchise), and we all know the expiring contract of Theo Ratliff ($11M) will come in handy in future improvements. All it seems to take is one of the Celtics youngsters, and maybe the T’wolves are trying to dump another undesireable salary on Boston, such as Troy Hudson.
This is bad news for the Warriors. They don’t have anything to offer that can compete with Jefferson, a young formidable big man. If Minnesota does trade KG, they will have an immediate canyon inside. Jefferson fills that better than Biedrins, though I love Beans. Monta isn’t as appealing to the Minnesota with Randy Foye in tow. Neither is Richardson since they have Rashad McCants and the No. 7 pick, with which they can get Corey Brewer or Jeff Green. One of those three will be a suitable, cheaper alternative than Richardson.
If Boston is willing to part with Jefferson, I don’t see how the Warriors can get KG. Which begs the question: so then who do they get?

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    maybe we can get involved in a 3-way deal with the lakers and bulls. i don’t know the salary logistics, so persecute me if you will:

    lakers get: deng, duhon, j-rich, nocioni

    bulls get: kobe, ellis, o’bryant, warriors #18 pick

    warriors get: tyrus thomas, ben gordon, farmar, lakers 2008 second rounder

  • Anonymous

    Garnett won’t go to Boston. See ESPN link.


  • EJ

    Blog Question:

    Marcus, the Warriors camp has been pretty quiet lately. The silence is reminiscent of the days before the Jax and Al trade. Could some serious work be going on at the offices on Broadway? What scenarios are we looking at? If they don’t trade up, do they stay at 18? Who can they draft at 18 that can play in the upcoming season? Do they make a move on Garnett? Do they wait until Yi is drafted and then make a deal for him? Will everything make more sense after July 1?

  • manhattanproj

    i would think the t’wolves would be interested in j-rich. mccants hasnt shown much of anything in 2 years. brewer or green will be a 3, so j-rich fits into the big picture. and one thing j-rich has over jefferson is j-rich has proven himself. you dont know what you are getting in jefferson. he has shown some game, but can he do it for the whole season?

    the question is will mullin be willing to part with j-rich? remember what he said. as a gm, you dont want to lose your credibility among your players. say one thing and do another, you’ll have everyone looking over their shoulders.

    but if a deal does strike, i doubt j-rich will be in it. it’ll be a combination of youngster plus overpriced veterans. monta, harrington, foyle, #18, saruans, and whoever that makes the number work.

  • JustPuked

    Ha ha Boston. REJECTED by KG. Red Sox fans are officially as obnoxious as Yankee fans. Well at least they don’t have the Celtics to shove in everyone’s face anymore.