Trade Down

I’ve been fathoming scenarios, talking with people, reading reports, and I just don’t see how the Warriors are going to get the help they need in this draft.
The only way is to move up, but that is far too risky in my eyes. Mickael Pietrus plus No. 18 is not enough to move up. I really doubt Al Harrington or Mr. Untouchable Jason Richardson or Stephen Jackson and No. 18 would do the trick either. True, their might be a team starving for veteran help (Memphis/Charlotte/Boston) that the Warriors can swindle. But, to me, all three make too much money. You’d be better off drafting Jeff Green or Corey Brewer than acquiring either of those guys.
Which leaves Monta and Andris. Is there anybody in the draft worth giving them up? There are a handful, including Oden and Durant, but that’s it. But even if the Warriors decided to give up one of those two to move up, it’s still not a done deal. Neither Monta nor Andris helped their trade value in the layoffs, especially Monta. Plus other teams simply have more to offer.
Portland, who is trying to get a second high pick, can offer several young players, an $8M expiring contract in Jamaal Magloire and an All-Star-caliber PF in Zach Randolph. Phoenix is pedaling Shawn Marion and Boris Diaw plus two first-rounders. Philadelphia has three first-round picks and a couple desirable youngsters. There’s some stiff competition to move up.
So, here’s my solution. Rather than drafting some project to sit on the end of the bench, I say trade down. You can get nearly as good a player, if not just as good, in the late 20s, even early in the second round, as you can at 18. Plus it would be cheaper. And what are the chances they get someone at No. 18 better than Josh Powell?
I’d give up No. 18 for No. 25 and an additional second rounder. I’d send No. 18 and Sarunas to Cleveland for cash and a future pick.
The Warriors might be better off with three or four second round picks, especially considering their second-round history, than getting another project committed for two years. Maybe they find a young jewel. Maybe they find more young talent they can use as trade bait to get what they really need.
Trading down is certainly an option I’d consider it.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    Worst case scenario: I’d actually trade out of the draft entirely. Maybe send our 2 second rounders to a team thats likely lottery bound next year, like Atlanta or Philly for cash and their #1 in 2008 or 2009. With BD likely to opt out at the end of the year, having 2 picks in the first round next year could get us immediate help or leverage to pull off a big move. We could then use our number #18 this year to trade for a future 1st rounder and cash. That way we don’t break up the ‘playoff core’ and in a couple years we won’t have major cap issues.

  • zgreat

    I wouldn’t consider trading down until the very last minute. Sometimes weird things happen in the draft and a player that everyone expected to go a lot earlier is still available at 18.

    Plus, I think guys like Jason Smith or even Tiago Splitter would probably be available and would probably be a lot more useful then Josh Powell in the long run.

  • dareedle

    There are two intriguing players that should be available late 1st round, early second round. Fesenko is a solid center that can be developed in Europe like Kosta. A player that can help the Warriors now and should be available late 1st round is Nick Fazekas who is the best big man shooter in the draft. Remember the last time the Warriors passed on a top college rebounder … ya that Milsap kid. The power forward combo (Harrington the black hole, no rebounding PF but physical play, and the scoring/rebounding machine in Fazekas both provide Nellie ball perimeter offense but contrasting defense and offensive styles.) It sure beats developing another post player (Dampier, Biedrins, Foyle, O’byrant, Diogu)

  • EJ

    Blog Question:

    If the Lakers pull something off for KG, how much better are they really? Minus Odom, Bynum and possibly Walton the rest of the roster is full of scrubs (Vujacic, Smush, Kwame, Evans, Vlad) and a few good bench guys (Cook, Farmar, Turiaf). I’m not even sure they can get a player with their mid-level that would pose a threat as a #3 option. You can’t even really liken it to Jordan’s Bulls because there are no Steve Kerrs, Ron Harpers, Rodmans, or 3-headed Monsters (Longley, Wennington, Perdue). Granted KG is a GREAT player, but losing Odom AND Bynum AND maybe Walton is a huge loss. Does a line up of Farmar, Kobe, Evans, KG, and Mihm compete with the the Suns or Spurs? After that starting 5, you basically have nothing coming off the bench. What are your thoughts, Marcus?

  • zgreat

    Rather then trade down, let’s keep it and resign Boykins.