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“If the Lakers pull something off for KG, how much better are they really? Minus Odom, Bynum and possibly Walton the rest of the roster is full of scrubs (Vujacic, Smush, Kwame, Evans, Vlad) and a few good bench guys (Cook, Farmar, Turiaf). I’m not even sure they can get a player with their mid-level that would pose a threat as a #3 option. You can’t even really liken it to Jordan’s Bulls because there are no Steve Kerrs, Ron Harpers, Rodmans, or 3-headed Monsters (Longley, Wennington, Perdue). Granted KG is a GREAT player, but losing Odom AND Bynum AND maybe Walton is a huge loss. Does a line up of Farmar, Kobe, Evans, KG, and Mihm compete with the the Suns or Spurs? After that starting 5, you basically have nothing coming off the bench. What are your thoughts, Marcus?” – EJ

There is some serious truth to what you’re saying, though Laker fans think otherwise. I know some diehard Laker fans who are acting as if Kobe and KG is it. I’m of the belief you need three great players to contend for a title, two great players and a pretty good third to be formidable. They won’t have a third great player or a formidable one with Odom and Bynum gone. Luke Walton would have to take his game to another level, and maybe having KG and Kobe would do the trick but it’s certainly not a lock.
One thing that makes the move to Phoenix so appealing is that he would be going to a loaded squad (Amare would be the third best player on that squad!). The Lakers aren’t loaded. The Warriors — with Baron and Jason and Jackson and Andris — would be more loaded than the Lakers.
But don’t underestimate the Lakers spending power. They can go get a third player who maybe has an undesirable contract. They can afford to also trade for a Stephon Marbury or Jamaal Crawford or Larry Hughes or Jason Terry — players who are overpaid but much better as a team’s third or fourth-best player.

Marcus Thompson

  • Damon Pierson

    I would like to know what Steve Kerr is doing in Pheonix??? Trading Amare for KG makse absolutely no sense. Amare is the player KG should have been. Dominant agressive. Not the king of the fade away. Pheonix will drop to the 6 or 7 spot and their window of opportunity is going to be over. Do you think KG will drop 37 or 40 on San Antonio? No way. Steve Kerr makes his first blunder as the GM in Pheonix. Amare is 22 you could have him for 15 more years and he still has an upside. KG has maxed out. If this trade goes down it will be one of the worst in the history of sports. Atlanta becomes a playoff team and Minnesota gets to put two rookies and a 2nd year player and scrubs and get back in the Lottery next year. Atlant is the only team that wins in this trade. And Amare puts up MVP type numbers

  • commish

    Whatever! Will it finally get cry baby Kobe to shut the f**k up. Or will he be whinning about something else that isn’t going his way with KG and whomever else the Faker’s buy. I hope they’ll end up like the Yankees with a huge payroll, huge egos, and a mediocre team.

  • itsagreattimeout

    If the Lakers do get KG, they should go after Billups and just bite the luxury tax bullet for a championship

  • JustPuked

    Calm down DP. Kerr isn’t trading Amare for ANYBODY. The only trades the Suns are exploring include the Matrix NOT the MAN-Child.

    …and Amare is the Player KG was SUPPOSED to be? What the hell are you smokin? While Amare is the more dominant offensive player, (please note the HUGE jump in his offense after the best passing PG, Nash showed up) KG is a far superior defensive player. KG fills up the stat sheet by being a DOMINANT rebounder, shot blocker and accomplished passer, all the “little” things that help a team win, not just scoring. There’s more than one flavor of great player.