Durant Needs Shuttlesworth; Atlanta on the Clock

Andy Katz just reported a PROPSED trade that would send Ray Allen to Boston for Delonte West and the No. 5.
Durant is not as good without Ray Allen. The Sonics are not as good without Ray Allen and Kevin Durant. Seattle is making a huge mistake if they think Durant and some scrubs can make some noise. Durant and Rashard Lewis may not be good enough.
Seattle has a chance to really be good. They have Allen. They have Durant. They can re-sign Rashard. They hav a serviceable young center in Robert Swift. Some nice (and fairly cheap) pieces in Johan Petro, Mickael Gelabale, etc. They have a solid PG in Earl Watson (Ridnour is all right).
Don’t blow it now. Spend some money for a couple years and try to really make some noise. Putting ALL the pressure on Durant is a mistake.

Marcus Thompson