Jordan Passes on Overrated Noah

And rightfully so. I’m not a Joakim Noah fan. He’s an energy and hustle player. He’s Andris Biedrins, but maybe not as good with finishing.
I’m with Nellie, I want skill, big man or no. Noah is Anderson Varejao with a little bit more length. I don’t see him creating his own shot, creating shots for other, facing the basket and making something happen, putting in work with his back to the basket. He’ll play defense, and not that great defending big strong post guys (but a great shot blocker) and he’ll bring energy.
The Bulls just bit on the Noah hype. He’s a personality. He’s pretty good and athletic. He’ll be nice in the right situation. Not the Bulls, they have two guys already who are useless on offense (Tyrus Thomas — he’s functional and improving on offense — and Ben Wallace). Maybe a team that’s starved for defense and hustle, like Sacramento.
Let’s just say I’m glad he’s not a Warrior. I’d rather have Biedrins.

Marcus Thompson

  • Scratch Golfer

    I don’t know…Joakim is going to a great fit in Chitown…Jordan’s going to wish he had chosen him.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know…jordan’s going to wish he had chosen him

  • manhattanproj

    I like noah. i dont think he’s overrated. he brings a lot to the table. he’s a playmaking pf. he can operate from the free throw line and make dishes. he’s alot alot better than big ben or tyrus thomas. his bball iq is much higher than either and he knows how to play. i think he’s on par with andris. if you think andris is good, i dont see why you wouldnt think noah is good. i guess we’ll see how well noah does playing against nba competiton. but i can say he’ll be much more productive than tyrus thomas.

  • chris

    I don’t understand this post. Are you saying Andris is not good? That would be saying something. It’s not like Noah was picked top 5.

  • The Wood

    This is a steal because the Bulls were a series win away from the Eastern Conference finals and they get the guy everyone had as the NO.1 pick last year. Pretty good pick up thanks to Isiah THomas.

  • EJ

    I’d like to see Noah try that yelling crap against Rasheed Wallace.