PG Time for Atlanta

The Hawks final get a floor general, and they chose the wrong one — Acie Law.
How do they not take Javaris Crittenton. Since they’re keeping Speedy, it looks like, they might as well ahve gotten the PG with the most upside, someone who can back up Speedy and eventually take over. Crittenton has much more upside, much more potential than Law.
Law is a solid PG. He’ll be a nice player. He’s a great floor general and leader. But that’s not what Atlanta needs. They need a playmaker, a creator, someone dynamic. The “must improve” item for Law was “ball handling.” That’s not a good sign.
Law is too unathletic for the Hawks. They have some special athletes — Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, Al Horford. What do they do? They go and get the most unathletic PG in the draft, passing up Conley Jr. and Crittenton.
They should’ve taken Crittenton. At the very least, Crittenton had higher value and would’ve been easier to trade for a veteran PG. But whose surprised the Hawks didn’t get it right?

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    So why did we pick Marco Bellini? Is this more Nellie eccentricity? Let’s hope he’s more Dirk Nowitzki than Wang ZhiZhi or Chris Anstey