Ray Allen to Boston!; Milwaukee on the clock

The first major move happened, and it was a big one. Ray Allen, a legitimate 25 point scorer, has been paired with another legit 25-point scorer in Paul Pierce, and a promising young big man in Al Jefferson.
This is a good move for Boston. They have some serious scoring punch in the East.
This is good news for the Warriors, because the Durant-Green combo (even if Lewis re-signs) is much less daunting than the Durant-Allen (and maybe Lewis) combo. The Sonics — who are also getting Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak — are going to be awhile.
This move is going to have a serious trickle down effect. We might see Julian Wright or Al Thornton fall pretty far. Brewer, Yi, Noah, Brandan Wright are all still on the clock — and there’s almost assuredly going to be more trades.

Here are my next five pick expectations:

6. Milwaukee – Yi: the Bucks shun Yi’s request to go to a city with a big Asian presence
7. Minnesota – Brewer: great pick this late
8. Charlotte – B. Wright: This might be Phoenix’s pick. They like Noah More.
9. Chicago – Noah: I don’t think he’s a good fit in Chicago. I would take Hawes
10. Sacramento – Hawes: They get Brad Miller’s replacement

Marcus Thompson