Say Goodbye to J-Rich?

Apparently the Warriors are moving Jason Richardson to Charlotte. For Brandan Wright.
This is a total salary move. Wright is younger, cheaper and more athletic. But Richardson is proven, productive and reasonably priced. Do you like this move? Do you hate it?

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    Kawakami said that trade could be part of a bigger deal to bring in Garnett but I can’t tell if he’s serious or just rambling.

  • tisdalefan

    what do we think? We’ll I’m not overly excited by don’t really have a huge problem if everything stays as it is right now… but you free up cap space for a reason. Let me see… what could a team do with several young players and cap space? …trade for a center?

  • James

    No… NO NO NO!!!

    Only if this is part of a deal to get us KG I don’t want it.

  • itsagreattimeout

    I like it, but with a heavy heart. Of course the NBA is a business. We all love Jason Richardson and I will miss him dearly, but the reality is that we have a good collection of young guards, and Brandon Wright is the big PF we need to defend the likes of Boozer and Duncan. I know Jason will always be remembered here- he meant a lot to the franchise and it’s hard to see him go. But Wright will be a great player in this league for many years at the position we needed.

  • Mei

    HATE IT.

    If I don’t see KG in a GSW uniform I’ll be EXTREMELY upset.

    We love Jrich here in the Bay.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Honestly, I think he’s right

  • fulminating

    like it. sad, but worth it.

  • Marcus Thompson

    J-Rich is fuming mad.

  • Anonymous

    Love J-Rich and will miss him. But trade Wright and italian guy for KG now!!! ha

  • zgreat

    If we can bring in Garnett without gutting the entire team, it’s a good overall deal.

    However, if we get stuck with only Wright, I don’t think the trade would be to our long term benefit.

  • tisdalefan

    Mullin seemed pretty clear he liked Wright on the Ws next season — there was no indication of something else. I’m liking this trade more and more and I have to remember we will also get someone else with that cap room

  • chishaq

    we win if we stay with picks OR if we trade them for KG…jrich was a terrific player for us that was stuck with poor coaching for five years and a real ratty team.

    unoading 48 million of salary is no doubt a big plus for us. kid from mass might be a pleasant surprise.

    if you dig far enough in the commentary, those in the “real know” think that the kid from italy is a dynamic player and a real steal…time will tell.


  • joe

    This one hurts, but a needed trade. Just the salary dump alone is huge. Unless something else happens, a starting five of BD, AB, Jax, Al and Brandan is not to bad. However KG for Brandan is even better…

  • Tim Dickinson

    I don’t know much about Wright’s game, but I think this is a great move.

    J Rich is the most dynamic, limited player in the game.

    He’s got to jump off two feet so he has tremendously limited ability to drive to the basket. He’s a good rebounder and he could develop a great post game… but hasn’t done it in what, 8 years in the league. He’s not a great passer. He can shoot lights out on a good night but he’s not reliably clutch.

    in short he’s a tantalizing player who could never create his own shot except to shoot over someone, either with a jumper or a dunk.

    This kid wright is a super athlete, can rebound and run the floor. He can clean up the glass and give baron another target down low.

    Plus, this frees up minutes for monta and jax and who knows, maybe even pietrus sticks around now.

    they traded short for tall and Steven A. Smith is calling it highway robbery in the w’s favor.

    I’ll miss j-rich, but this seems like another move that will pay dividends.

  • manhattanproj

    i dont see how w’s will get kg. if minny wanted wright, they would have drafted him. why risk the chance of losing someone that you coveted? so by all accts of logic, this is not a trade for kg.

    i’ve seen wright played, he’s lanky with a huge wingspan. doesnt have too much of a low post game. dont know how much he can help the w’s. he’s not as established as horford or noah, so you really dont know what you are going to get.

    i’m not really sure whether this trade is an upgrade or not. it’s really hard to tell. you lose a guy like j-rich who’s a proven 20+ scorer and you dont know what you are getting in wright.

    and to itsagreattimeout, the w’s DO NOT have a good collection of young guards. w’s just traded j-rich, pietrus and barnes are FA, the only guards are davis and ellis, jackson if you considered him a guard. belinelli, dont know again. is he going to be similar to manu or jiri welsh?

    one thing just come to mind, KELENNA AZUBUKE. if he is resigned, he should be the starting 2-guard. does nelson and mullin think that highly of him? he can certainly fill j-rich’s shoes albeit not as flashy.

  • Tim Dickinson

    hey marcus,

    please explain how this worked salary cap wise. People keep talking about a Huge trade exemption– what’s that about?


  • Anonymous

    to tim dickinson…from what I understand they traded to a team under the cap and took nothing back from them in terms of cap space, just the pick. they get a trade exemption that lasts a year?

  • itsagreattimeout

    @ manhattanproj

    Well, Ellis and Azubuike are capable of playing the 2, as is Pietrus and this Italian guy- but regardless, SG positions are much easier to fill than PF, and Wright is exactly the kind of player we needed. Plus he can probably double as a Center in Nellieball.

    @ Marcus
    Man, if I were J-Rich I’d be mad too. Face of the Franchise for all these years and then unceremoniously dropped, right after one of the best Warriors seasons in years. You could tell by Mullin’s interview that he empathizes with J-Rich and loves him, but had to do this from a Basketball/Business perspective. I hope Jason comes to understand that everyone in the Bay Area, including the W’s front office, still love and appreciate Jason and will miss him greatly.

  • Joseph Natividad

    i absolutely love what the warriors did tonight. at first i was shocked like most people at their choice to draft the italian. but im hoping he’ll play like ginobili. i was disappointed with the first second rd pick. im okay with the whole letting go of j-rich and him for brandan wright. that kid’s going to be a beast in the post. i dunno what some of you skeptics are talking about. and who knows, the guy from boston might be a gem too.

    warriors in western conference finals in 08!

  • bob

    According to Stephen A Smith its a good trade for the warriors, so it must be… no but really J-Rich is loved by the fans but he has fallen off. He is too scared to be agressive and the big man will keep the likes of andres biedrins free to roam more and not match up with the likes of carlos boozer

  • Jaicee

    This was a bad trade. Brandan Wright weighs 200 lbs! He can’t defend anyone in the post and is limited to dunks and lay-ups. The Warriors needed a back-up point guard, cause when Baron gets injured AGAIN, who’s going to score and run the team? They had a trade in place with ATL for the 11th pick for Monta Ellis. Law, Crittenton and Young were still there?

  • Brendon

    So here’s the deal on wright for all you warriors fan. I’ll admit I am biased and a huge heels fan but the kid can play. Downside: He needs to bulk up. Upside: He has a great post up game with range unlike what some people think. The kid can shoot a hook like nobody’s business. This kid will save the warriors from jacking up fade away threes in the half court offense. He can also board and block shots, oh and he only shot 64% from the field in the ACC last year and part of that is because he is 6’9″ and can run. So here it is: Brandan Wright is one of the best NBA talents i’ve ever seen come out of Caorlina, period.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Tim Dickinson,

    It works salary wise because Charlotte is way under the cap. They just absorbed Jason Richardson’s contract. The Warriors, in return, get a trade exception for the value of Richardson’s contract, which is $10 million. So that’s money they can use toward a future trade.

  • itsagreattimeout

    I wish we had gotten McGuire with our 46th. Any news on this Lasme guy?
    Marcus, I’m assuming you got my email. Some people have trouble receiving email from yahoo accounts.

  • dareedle

    J-Rich was a great ambassador for Warrior basketball, a complete underdog for a underwhelming roster. He was about blue-collar hustle more than cut throat savy found in other players in the league. Unlike other Warrior fans, I don’t see us giving up on Pietrus unless we land Calderon in return. He works great with Nellie and shot a riduculous 50% with the uptempo style. He is also a restricted free agent and Mullin can pull a Eldgin Baylor and allow the open market dictate his salary. Our roster of Biedrins, Harrington, Jackson, Ellis and BD looks decent with Bellini, Pietrus and Wright off the bench. The roster looks rather solid for the regular season, but we need a big time development from the big three (Biedrins, Kosta and Wright) and a new coach if we will ever contend in the future. At least Foyle will have company at the end of the bench (good old OB). I would hold Toronto hostage for a starting small forward especially when they have two young point guards.

  • EJ

    It was inevitable. As fans, we were in denial from the last day of the season. You said it mid-season, Marcus. It’s sad to see him go, but if Mullie has bigger things planned then so be it.

  • Justin W.

    J-Rich was my favorite player on the squad. I am sad to see him go like most of us GSW fans are, not only because he was our best player for so long, but also because he was a fan of us. I was pissed when I saw the “traded” headline on someone’s paper while riding BART. Once I got into the office and read the details of the deal, I have to admit that Mullin made the right move.

    I think the team is likely to be better next year and possibly reach higher seeding in next year’s playoffs.