Whoa Beli-NELLIE!

I must admit, this Italian dude was way out of left field. I had no idea. I would’ve never thought the Warriors would get a shooting guard.
But he does fit right in — he’s athletic, he’s thin, a poor defender and rebounder, good-but-streaky shooter.
This could spell the end for Mickael Pietrus, who will probably sign an offer sheet with another team that the Warriors don’t match. Belinelli is supposed to be a better overall player than Pietrus, and he’s cheaper.
This is not a bad pick, from what I’ve read about Marco. It is pretty high. But if the Warriors couldn’t get a big, they might as well have picked a player who would make them a better perimeter team. I guess.

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    One downside to this is that it doesn’t look like there is any room left for Kelenna Azubuike

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    You’re right Z — I’m surprised. Kelenna looked like a real find. But maybe if they let Pietrus walk and are really dealing JRich then he’ll be able to stick…

  • zgreat

    They just announced something on ESPN about JRich for Brandan Wright.

  • tisdalefan

    okay now its starting to make sense — if the JRich trade to Jordan is true then… we aren’t so crowded

  • Anonymous

    Now trade Wright and the new Italian guy for…………….KG!!!!

  • dareedle

    This is a total bad value pick even if we depart with both Pietrus and J-Rich. Fazekas can shoot and can rebound with the best in college, so why pick up a guard that can’t even take the ball to the fricking rim or defend … how about rebounding? Besides when will our organization learn that perimeter players are a dime a dozen, and even a limited big like Fazekas or Smith has a lot more trade value than a jump shooter from Italy.