Blog Question

“Marcus, I’m probably the first to point this out. If we do keep Wright, it still makes a whole lot of sense. We’re going to be seeing a lot of Kevin Durant over the next 10 years or so (4 times a season). Wright matches up with Durant in terms of length and athleticism and could be a good match up on defense. If Marion gets moved, the Suns have no one who can guard Durant. Lakers? No. Kings? No. Clippers? No. Nuggets? No. Do you think acquiring Wright was influenced by Durant being in the same conference?”
– EJ

I think you are the first to point that out, I’m just not sure how much that factored in. Sure, Durant will be a hard match-up. But Seattle isn’t good enough yet to be acquire players specifically for them. Phoenix got Kurt Thomas to match-up against San Antonio, but they knew they had to get through the Spurs to get to where they need to go. The Sonics aren’t that.
Plus, I like Jax chances of guarding Durant. He did a great job on Dirk, and as good as Durant is, he’s going to have to learn some tricks and veteran insight before he just becomes unstoppable. Jax is pretty cagey and he’s long like Durant, plus stronger then Durant. Assuredly, Wright figures to be a good match-up with Durant, but that’s more of a bi-product than a reason for taken him. If Durant headed East, I think Mullin would’ve still taken Wright.

Marcus Thompson