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“Would you go after either rashard lewis or gerald wallace at the right price? i like wallace. he fits in well with w’s game and he fills a need in the rebounding, blocks, and defense dept. he also likes to drive which is a nice change of pace from the 3s. but i dont think he’s worth 10mil a year. lewis is probably more expensive because he is polished. he can be the reliable deep threat that w’s need. but both are very injured-prone. so would you go after them at the right price if you were mullin?” – manhattanproh

Neither would be my second choice. If not Kevin Garnett, I’d rather go out and get Marion (who Brandan Right kind of models after) or Lamar Odom or Marcus Camby. But if I’m down to those two as candidates, I’d take Lewis over Wallace. Lewis fits the Warriors style better because he can shoot. Plus he’s bigger (6-10, 230) than Wallace (6-7, 215).
Wallace is the ultimate slasher who gives you all the intangibles. But he’s a poor outside shooter, and that’s the last thing the Warriors need is a poor shooter. I’d rather re-sign Barnes, maybe even Pietrus, both of whom would be cheaper than Wallace and get Lewis. Rashard can hit the 3 (39 percent last season), make free throws (84 percent) and he can post.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    you think phoenix would be willing to give the w’s marion? wow, i think they’d much rather send him east. also, to me, Odom is the perfect Nellie player. and since Kupchak is under such pressure, and with the flexibility the trade exception allows, he might be tempted to send odom this way. however, if he demands ellis or biendrins, I wouldn’t do it. LO is too injury prone.

  • manhattanproj

    true wallace is a bad shooter, which is why he likes to drive and pretty good at that. his midrange shot is ok. shouldnt wallace propensity to drive help the warriors? afterall, many criticized the w’s for shooting too many 3s. with wallace, when the 3s isnt going in, at least you know someone will try to get to the hoop. other times, he can score off putbacks, cuts, and an occasional outside shot. he wont be the primary option anyway, which works pretty well for him in charlotte. he can also cover alot of w’s defense and rebounding deficiencies. i like him but wouldnt want to overpay for him. 6-8mil range is ideal. anything more would be overpaid.

    i also like odom and marion. both helps in rebounding. with odom, you’ll get a playmaker. and with marion, you’ll get a defense stopper. it’s hard to see how the w’s can land either.

    blog question: isnt brendan wright a pf? that’s what he played at north carolina. that’s his position. i understand he’s not big enough to play it yet but that’s his position. why are ppl taking about him like a sf? guarding durant? just want some clarification.