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“I know you prefer blog questions at your work address: mthompson2@cctimes.com, but related to your post about Wright being able to defend Durant given time; but,in your opinion, do you think Wright will start this coming season as a Warrior or be part of a trade for KG or Yi?” – commish

Even if the Warriors were to get KG, I don’t think he’d be included. The Warriors really like Wright, even more than Yi. Any deal involving a player of any significant value will likely include Monta or Andris. Giving up Wright, too, would leave the Warriors with little in the form of young talent. But mostly, they really like Wright. If Minnesota absolutely has to have him, then maybe Mullin coughs him up. Otherwise, I think Wright is sticking around.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    I’m reading that they never even worked out Wright. I like him, so hopefully he stays. I’m just afraid Mullin is going to start gutting out the young core we have because of the allure of KG. It’s happened to the franchise too many times. Seeing former Warriors become All-Stars and playing for titles.