Keep Yi Out of the Yay


Earlier in the draft, I wouldn’t have minded the Warriors moving up to get Yi. He looks like he’s got some game. But I’ve always had my reservations.
Do the Warriors need another soft big man? How far is he away from making a significant contribution? Is he worth whatever they would have to give up to get high enough to get him?
Now that Yi is in Milwaukee trying like crazy to get out, many Warriors fans are wanting/expecting the Warriors to make the trade to get Yi to the Bay Area, or as my man E-40 says, the Yay Area.


Nevermind his weak upper body strength, his perimeter-dwelling nature, or the patience he would require. What really turns me off about Yi is that the Warriors WERE NOT desperate to have him. He seems like just the kind of player this management has drooled over in the pass. Tall and can dribble. Skilled but soft. Athletic but not a spectacular athlete. Promising but a project. Then you add the major boost it would’ve meant to the gate, and the national attention it would’ve brought the franchise, Yi seemed like the perfect fit. But the fact that the Warriors don’t want him, in my eyes, is an indictment on him. Clearly there’s something about him they didn’t like, something they obviously saw in Wright. Add that fact with my aforementioned reservations, and I can’t help but think the Warriors are best with Yi residing elsewhere. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen him play, I am formulating my opinion totally based on scouting reports and highlight clips. But unless they can get him for cheap, my gut is telling me to keep Yi out of the Yay.


Marcus Thompson

  • john motroni

    I like the rhyme, but I don’t know if it’s accurate. From what all the announcers pronounced his name on draft night, “Yi” is pronouned “EEE”. So, you would want to keep “EEE” out of the “A-area”.

  • Michael Sacramento

    I think the way the Warriors got Wright was about what team they were able to deal with. The Bucks didn’t need another guard and that’s all the Warriors were ready to trade. The Bobcats front office, on the other hand, have a good trade rapport with the Warriors and wanted JRich. If Yi was still available for the 8th pick, I have a feeling the Bobcats would have picked him and traded him to us for JRich.

  • Son of Ahmed

    Ya, but I’m glad Wright was available and not Yi. If Wright can fulfill his potential he will give the Dubs what they need, a strong inside presence. Yi will never byi what the W’s most nyid.

  • gswbandwagon

    I don’t understand the fascination with Yi as a ticket selling attraction. Yes, there are a lot of Asian Americans in the area, but it’s not like they’ll blindly pay to support any Asian. We could go and sign big Wang or Menk Batteer for pretty cheap but I doubt they’d sell tickets. If Yi turns out to be a bust, the support will fade quickly.

    The Warriors have always had a big loyal fan base. Any hint of winning and the Arena is sold out. They finally crack .500 last year and immediately sell out the entire lower bowl (all the expensive seats) for next season. All the Warriors have to do to drive ticket demand through the roof is field a competitive team.

    Draft the best player available and build something remotely resembling a winner, and the fans come out in droves. Draft a sideshow who ends up sucking and attendance gets a one or two year boost before dropping right back down.

  • You do realize that many have labeled Brandan Wright as soft?

  • Marcus Thompson

    John Motroni,
    You are right! I forgot it is pronounced EEE. Thanks for blowing up my spot!

    UNC Coach,
    I have heard the soft label placed on him. But, like Mullin, I’d prefer soft and extremely athletic over soft and athletic for a 7-footer.

  • David

    Marcus I think you make some good points about Yi, however I’m more concerned about your use of the term “Yay-Area”

    I’m sure you know that “yay” is a term coming from word “Yay-yo”, which is slang for cocaine made popular from the Scarface movie in the early 80’s. I know 40 water used the term in some earlier albums and like most junk he says it caught on, but do we really want this wonderful part of the country catagorized as the “yay area”. Just say The Bay or The Town, or something, anything other than the yay.

    Next you’ll be reporting on how Nellie is coming back to “the city of dope” (est. Too $hort).

  • JustPuked

    Come’on David, you know you’re a closet tweaker! The Town is fiending for Yi because China white is one dope playa. That gangsta pimp is the snap! He’ll pick up the ROY award for slanging 24 and 7 cuz Yi gotz skillz with the rock. Po po gonna call in the 420, cuz YiYo will have all the acorns riding the white horse to the playoffs. Go Dubs in a blaze of glory!!!

  • Marcus Thompson

    David, I appreciate your concern. Seriously. While I believe terms and meanings change over time (meaning, I think you may have just provided “Yay” with a definition most of the people reading this blog didn’t know), I thank you for your honorable intentions. I will be more careful in the future.

  • commish

    Hey, as I posted on the GSoM blog website, I say Yi Hu? As a Knick’s fan might say, “forget about it!”

  • JustPuked

    Yay! Political correctness makes another writer dance the marionette in the public eye.