Keep Yi Out of the Yay


Earlier in the draft, I wouldn’t have minded the Warriors moving up to get Yi. He looks like he’s got some game. But I’ve always had my reservations.
Do the Warriors need another soft big man? How far is he away from making a significant contribution? Is he worth whatever they would have to give up to get high enough to get him?
Now that Yi is in Milwaukee trying like crazy to get out, many Warriors fans are wanting/expecting the Warriors to make the trade to get Yi to the Bay Area, or as my man E-40 says, the Yay Area.


Nevermind his weak upper body strength, his perimeter-dwelling nature, or the patience he would require. What really turns me off about Yi is that the Warriors WERE NOT desperate to have him. He seems like just the kind of player this management has drooled over in the pass. Tall and can dribble. Skilled but soft. Athletic but not a spectacular athlete. Promising but a project. Then you add the major boost it would’ve meant to the gate, and the national attention it would’ve brought the franchise, Yi seemed like the perfect fit. But the fact that the Warriors don’t want him, in my eyes, is an indictment on him. Clearly there’s something about him they didn’t like, something they obviously saw in Wright. Add that fact with my aforementioned reservations, and I can’t help but think the Warriors are best with Yi residing elsewhere. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen him play, I am formulating my opinion totally based on scouting reports and highlight clips. But unless they can get him for cheap, my gut is telling me to keep Yi out of the Yay.


Marcus Thompson