Who Will Choke P.J. Next?


P.J. Carlesimo is easily one of my favorite interviews. He’s got great humor, he’s honest, he’s blunt and he’s open. Those are great qualities for dealing with the media, but they don’t fly over too well with spoiled athletes.
Carlesimo, hired as Seattle’s new head coach, is now on his third go-round. You would think he knows better by now. After five years under Gregg Popovich, he should’ve learned some things. But you can’t teach an old playa new pick-up lines.
P.J. is a great assistant, by all accounts. But if he hasn’t changed, he’s sure to wear out his welcome with his outspoken nature and unabashed delivery.
So, the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is (and obviously I’m poking fun) which Sonic will go Latrell Sprewell on P.J.?

Here are the candidates:


Kevin Durant – He can’t bench 185 pounds, but those are some long fingers. My guess is P.J. is strong enough to break free from Durant’s grasp, though.


Chris Wilcox – P.J. would be in some serious trouble if Wilcox snapped and went for the jugular. Dude is strong and quick, so P.J. wouldn’t stand a chance. Wilcox looks like he has some snap in him, too.


Danny Fortson – He’s a free agent, and in all likelihood won’t be back with the Sonics. But it’s funny just thinking about Danny fighting through teammates to get to P.J. Can you imagine Kevin Durant holding Fortson back? Better yet, can you imagine Carlesimo’s face with only Durant standing between him and a charging Fortson?


Luke Ridnour – Don’t sleep on Luke. Dude is tired of his fourth-quarter minutes going to Earl Watson. Those reserved unassuming types are the craziest. P.J.’s going to yank Ridnour on one too many occasions. He’s going to spew some sarcastic remark about Ridnour’s poor defense at the wrong time.

Seriously, I don’t understand the move of hiring Carlesimo, though I would rather him than Billy Donovan. Certainly, Carlesimo knows his hoop, and the now-young Sonics will need some teaching. But that’s what assistant coaches are for. Head coaches need to be motivators, managers of personalities, problem solvers as well as strategists. That’s a serious risk they’re taking. What if P.J. hasn’t changed his dart-throwing ways? What happens in February when Seattle is 10 games out, on a six game skid and they can’t take his riding anymore?
It seems P.J. is a better fit for a veteran team, one with players who won’t lose confidence when the coach chews them out, one that only needs him for his in-game adjustments, defensive principles and timely half-time tirades.
Putting the growth of Durant, Jeff Green, Robert Swift, Johan Petro, Mickael Gelabale, etc., under the watch of a reputed smart mouth may come back to haunt the Sonics. They better hope some of Pop rubbed off on P.J. Because if they mess around and ruin Durant, one of the most heralded rookies ever, turning him into some unhappy, unsure, underachiever, someone else we know will be doing the choking …


Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    i’m wondering who in the sonics think “20mil won’t be enough to feed their families” then he will be the one to choke PJ.

  • Tim Dickinson

    Hey Marcus,

    what do you know about Wright’s hip flexor thing?

    Sounds to me like a fake ailment designed to keep him on the shelf until he can be traded in thirty days.

    A fella can dream…

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    It’s really unbelievable that a terrible coach like Carlesimo gets a third shot in the NBA. I loved his rhetoric about how his GSW was an aberration, and the 3 years in Portland were the real proof of his coaching mettle. Funny, I seem to remember Rod Strickland going “AWOL” for 50 days, rather than play for P.J.

    Clearly, the white Carlesimo’s authoritarian personality does not go over well with some of the guys in his predominantly African-American work force.

    Why would Sonics management hire this guy to groom Durant? I guess the same reason that they’d move the team out of a wealthy, enthusiastic basketball town like Seattle: they’re a bunch of idiots!

  • Jason

    I can’t wait for the story about how PJ cornered Durant in the Sonics locker room and turned him aorund and put his white diick into Durant’s black ass!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!