Marco’s Looking Good

I’m not in Las Vegas, so I haven’t seen him yet. But the praise coming out of Sin City is encouraging. I keep hearing that Marco Belinellie can ball. It wasn’t so much the 37 he dropped, but how he got it. Believe it or not people, the Warriors actually have a shooter now. Not someone who can get hot. Not someone with a nice spot-up stroke. But a real deal shooter. Someone who can shoot jump shots and set shots, off the screen and pulling up, after dribbling to his left and to his right, from midrage and from deep.
That’s going to be a welcome sight.

Marcus Thompson

  • Gary

    What are the chances of Pierre Pierce making the team? He reminds me of a poor man’s Kobe

  • commish

    Amen to us having a real shooter as opposed to the crazy love for the threes we seem to covet. Praise the Lord and pass the nelly bellies.

  • Creepy Ross

    marcus – not being in vegas is no excuse not to have seen belinelli yet… the games are live on nba.com (just busting your chops). btw, the entire first game is archived on the site.

    mb18 fits right in with the dubs style of play, pulling up for three or spotting up behind the arc on fast breaks. he’s shown the ability to get to the bucket on occasion, but so far has had difficulty finishing. hopefully he’ll learn to dish on the drive as well, as he draws a crowd once he gets to the paint.

    he’s streaky and can certainly light it up in a hurry. he’s also somewhat of a black hole, but i’m sure he’s been instructed to fire at will. the w’s seem to be showcasing him, as he’s played 76 of 80 minutes.

  • JustPuked

    It’s only one game! That being said…to ya know, temper the enthusiasm, Marco looks incredible! They say Kobe is the Marco Belinelli of America…