Warriors to Sign Azubuike

My CC Times colleague, Warriors beat writer Geoff Lepper, has informed me that guard Kelenna Azubuike has agreed to a two-year deal. He’ll get the league minimum guaranteed for both years (just shy of $1.5 million total), and he has a player option for the second year.
This is good news for the Warriors, if you ask me. I think Kelenna is a steal. That the Warriors were able to lock him up for cheap is a serious boost to the Warriors bench. Kelenna is a good young player, and he should be able to contribute more this season. I liked the minutes he gave last year. I like his attitude, his work ethic. He can end up being a Jason Richardson type of player. He won’t ever be Kobe, but he can be productive.
The Warriors’ are looking pretty set at shooting guard. They don’t have a feared proven scorer, but they have a committee of players who combined are more than capable of filling the void left by Jason Richardson. Belinelli gives them shooting, Monta Ellis (assuming he’s not shipped away) gives them explosiveness, and Kelenna gives them size and strength (along with a nice stroke), which will help on the defensive end and rebounding. Not to mention, Stephen Jackson can play shooting guard when necessary.
With the point guard spot set (the Warriors can still use a back-up, but those are easy to find), the Warriors’ backcourt has some potential.
Now, they can focus on their frontcourt, which is where the most help is needed. And if you believe my Merc colleague Tim Kawakami (which I do), Patrick O’Bryant isn’t going to be helping the Warriors — ever.
Note to Tim: How can you dog your guy like that? POB is your guy, your center of the future. Now he won’t be your guy when he becomes a formidable big man in the East. :o)

Marcus Thompson

  • zeelurker

    I think there is a good chance this will turn into a one year contract. It’s too bad they couldn’t give him more to drop the player option.

  • Tisdalefan

    I wasn’t thinking about using a 5mil slot for a backup pointguard, but what options would really strengthen the team?

  • itsagreattimeout

    Yeah it’s gonna turn into a one year contract- because he will opt out and cash in when the year is done and he’s averaged 15, 5 and 3.

  • manhattanproj

    he’s basically playing for a rookie 2nd round contract. i dont understand why the w’s didnt sign him to a longer deal. well if bd dont stay healthy and we dont get kg, there’s also oj mayo or derrick rose next year at the lottery.

    i never liked POB. never liked tournament wonders. if the w’s wanted a big men, they would have been better off drafting josh boone. or draft the best available talent which would be either marcus williams or sefolosha.

  • dareedle

    The infamous NBA draft rarely helps franchises in need of an overhaul. There is a stat that 60% of bigs drafted in the lottery end up as stiffs and 80% of the guard or perimeter players are solid contributors. Between the luxury tax, zone defense rule, hand check elimination, and slow development of bigs … drafting bigs is pure Las Vegas gambling. POB only hope is Nellie gets to greedy and burns bridges and gets run out of town. In the mean time, it is only a question of when not if POB gets shipped.