“Why so cheap? Why not sign Buki to more than two years with the second year being his option? Why no effort to get any of the free agents who slipped by from Wallace to Darko to Moore (to the Kings no less)? Why no movement getting Barnes signed and signing and trading MP. Marcus, what the heck is going on? Is this all about money and being really really cheap? Also, in your opinion, how much damage has occurred by this lack of action; or, do you think KG or even O’Neal is still on the radar as the big prize? Do you have any idea what is going on?” — commish

To give Kelenna more than that would’ve been too much. All he needed was guaranteed money. I think they are hurting themselves by waiting, but what choice do they have? They are not being cheap, they are keeping alive the opportunity of adding a Hall of Fame-caliber player. They are prepared to spend big dough to get KG and keep Baron, so it’s not about being cheap. It’s about being patient and waiting for Minnesota to blink. Sure, they are missing out on other options, but that’s a risk you take. No one out there would have been the answer to the Warriors problems anyway, save for KG. Darko was a nice plan B, Gerald Wallace a nice plan C, Mikki Moore a nice plan D. But you don’t go to those plans until Plan A is dead. It’s not. The Warriors still have a viable chance to nab KG. Getting any one of those guys would’ve killed the Warriors chance prematurely. It’s agonizing, I know. And there is a very real possibility they could go into next season with Chris Wilcox being the major frontline addition. But it’s a risk they have to take.

Marcus Thompson