Looks Like MP2’s a Goner

It looks as if Mickael Pietrus has played his last game as a Warrior, not that it’s a surprise or anything. The Chronicle’s Janny Hu reported MP has interest from/in Miami, Cleveland and Dallas. Those are good options for Pietrus, and good options for the Warriors considering those teams are going to have to do a sign-and-trade to get him.
If it’s Cleveland, I would go after Shannon Brown. If it’s Dallas, I want Maurice Ager. If it’s Miami, I want Udonis Haslem.
Ager might be tough to pry, but Brown is expendable with the rise of Daniel Gibson and Haslem has been rumored to be on the block for a while. This could workout in the Warriors favor.
I was resigned to MP walking away for nothing. But if they can come away with more chips, better chips, that would be a win-win.

Marcus Thompson

  • john motroni

    Why sign and trade? Doesn’t that use up some of the Warrior’s midlevel or other money? Just let him walk and save the funds for someone they really want.

  • commish

    I have kind of the same question as John: with the discussions of a MP sign and trade and then presumably going after Posey or Barnes once Pietris is gone, does any or all of this dimish going after KG, if that is the big fish we want to land? In other words, if there is something brewing that would land KG, would all these other side deals go south? I hope that question is not too convaluted and something you (Marcus) can address.

  • Marcus Thompson

    There is a chance making any move would hurt their chances at KG, which is why they are being so careful. But signing-and-trading MP doesn’t hurt for a couple of reasons:

    1. MP won’t be involved in any deal for KG. Because he’s a free agent, he would have to agree to a contract with Minnesota in order to do a sign-and-trade. I don’t think the T’wolves aren’t going to pay him when they have Corey Brewer, Rashad McCants, Ricky Davis and can get Monta Ellis. They are set on the wing without MP.

    2. They might be able to use MP to get an extra piece Minny might like. If they traded him for a second-round pick, or a young player Minny might like, that will help more than letting MP walk.

    3. The Warriors are going to need a bench. What they are going to have to give up for KG will leave them pretty light as far as reserves go. You’ll need to use MP to get some bench help, especially some veteran bench help. Remember, MP is totally seperate from the KG deal. I just don’t see how he can be involved. So if after the KG trade, the Warriors feel like they need another player, they’re going to have to use MP to acquire him anyway (I’m thinking most of the mid-level will go on Barnes).

  • Marcus Thompson

    john montroni,

    I think the only way a sign-and-trade involving Pietrus will use up the mid-level is if they acquire a free agent who needs to be signed-and-traded, such as Posey. If they get someone already under contract, it won’t dip into the mid-level. To be honest, I don’t think a sign-and-trade counts against the mid-level anyway. When the Warriors did a sign-and-trade with Dallas for Dampier, that deal was way over the mid-level. I’m not sure, though.

  • manhattanproj

    i wouldnt go after shannon brown. from the few games i have seen of him, he doesnt fit w’s style. he doesnt pass and try to be a one man show. there’s no one in cavs that w’s really want except varejo.

    i like dorrell wright or haslem from miami. i read somewhere that mullin tried to trade for wright a yr or two ago. he fits with w’s style. he’s long and lanky, can rebound here and there, can dribble, can shoot, a good role player off the bench until he develops further.

  • petaluman

    I’d rather get a veteran in trade for MP. Perhaps Posey from Miami or Marshall from Cleveland (not excited about anything Dallas is likely to offer). Both would improve our rebounding, and be savvy role players for 2-3 years.

    Marcus, could you say a few words about the CBA and BYC issues involved in a S&T? I still don’t understand how the JR trade was OK. If his 11M salary could be traded for a 1st round pick, why can’t we trade 2 1st round picks for KG? J/k, but why do some trades have to meet the 25% rule, and others don’t? With a S&T, would MP be considered BYC?

  • dareedle

    Leverage, Mullin has it and the Warriors free agents (Pietrus and Barnes) don’t got it. Mullin has no need to rush to sign either especially if KG is available and we are in a position to move Wright after August. Let’s get real, Nellie has a system that is suited for perimeter wing players that can play multiple positions and score in transitions. There are a lot of players in the CBA, summer league and free agency that can fit the bill. The Lakers won’t pay the luxury, Cuban cut Finley to save on the luxury tax, and Isiah is told to stop spending on stiffs, the Warriors and Bulls are saving money for young studs like Monta, Biedrins, Deng and Gordon, Charlotte and Orlando took on big contracts this off-season for all-star or all-star like players (J-Rich) … I don’t see too many options for Pietrus and Barnes.

  • EJ


    Hi Marcus. Looks like bad news for the Warriors. The Suns traded away Kurt Thomas and now have an $8 mil trade exception to use. With both the Warriors and the Suns having similar trade exceptions, the Suns have to be the front runner with a guy like Amare to dangle in front of the T-Wolves, right? Is it plan B time for Mullin?

  • Joe

    I hope it’s Dallas for Ager. That kid can shoot. I’ll take a shooter anytime…

  • manhattanproj

    Blog question: Just what in the world is steve kerr doing? Trading Kurt Thomas and a 1st in ’08 and ’10? That ’10 pick is a potential lottery pick, even top 5. nash is not getting younger and probably have two more yrs left in the tank. if this trade helps the suns to get kg, meaning amare will be gone, there is no way they can compete in 2009. he’s basically mortgaging the future for this year’s title run. stupid, in my opinion. are they trying to be the florida marlins of the nba? i hope mullin doesnt do the same thing. and this brings to my question: would you rather have one title run and years of irrelevance (florida marlins style) or years of playoffs without getting a championship (utah jazz style)? if i were a gm and an owner, i would much rather have the latter since i know the stadium is going to be packed every night. as a fan, i would still have the latter. it’s much more fun to root for a winning team years in and years out rather than one high year and years of low.