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“Looks like bad news for the Warriors. The Suns traded away Kurt Thomas and now have an $8 mil trade exception to use. With both the Warriors and the Suns having similar trade exceptions, the Suns have to be the front runner with a guy like Amare to dangle in front of the T-Wolves, right? Is it plan B time for Mullin?” – EJ

I don’t think so. Phoenix is not going to give up Amare. The know they need KG next to Amare in order to dethrone San Antonio. I was told for sure that the Suns are not going to give up Amare. (Of course that means he’ll be dealt by October!)
It wouldn’t make sense to get rid of Amare for a few years of KG. Amare can be better than KG if he maxes out. I’d rather keep Amare and Marion and add a proven scorer at small forward (Is Grant Hill that anymore?). They aren’t THAT far off.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dennis

    What are Matt Barnes’ chances of returning in a Warriors’ uniform? He brings incredible energy whenever he’s in there. His play is out of control at times, but he’s fun to watch and seems to love this team.