Blog Question

“Just what in the world is steve kerr doing? Trading Kurt Thomas and a 1st in ’08 and ’10? That ’10 pick is a potential lottery pick, even top 5. nash is not getting younger and probably have two more yrs left in the tank. if this trade helps the suns to get kg, meaning amare will be gone, there is no way they can compete in 2009. he’s basically mortgaging the future for this year’s title run. stupid, in my opinion. are they trying to be the florida marlins of the nba? i hope mullin doesnt do the same thing. and this brings to my question: would you rather have one title run and years of irrelevance (florida marlins style) or years of playoffs without getting a championship (utah jazz style)? if i were a gm and an owner, i would much rather have the latter since i know the stadium is going to be packed every night. as a fan, i would still have the latter. it’s much more fun to root for a winning team years in and years out rather than one high year and years of low.” – manhattanproj

Definitely the latter. Though the Marlins have won two tites that way. It is still more profitable to be consistent with winning. If the Warriors win a title in next year, then miss the playoffs for 12 more years, that would be much worse than not winning a title in the next 13 years, but making the playoffs every year.
I don’t think Kerr is doing that, mortgaging the future. He expects to be a playoff team for years to come, which means those picks will be in the bottom half of the draft. Even when Nash is gone, Barbosa is still around, and he’ll at least get them into the playoffs with Amare is around. I don’t think they’re setting up to trade Amare, they are just under so much financial strain that they have to move salary. You can tell how desperate they are to dump salary by how much they gave up just to get rid of Thomas’ salary. They tried to move Kurt on draft day. Since it doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to move Marion (though Marion and the $8M exception [in a seperate deal for Ricky Davis or whoever] is a pretty appealing offer for KG, now that I think about it), they had to chuck Kurt’s $8 million some how. Seattle, knowing how bad Phoenix needs to cut salary (owner Sarver is a baller, but he’s not trying to be Cuban), they milked it for what it was worth. I think it was a good move by Kerr considering the pressure he was getting from on high to trim salary.

Marcus Thompson