Donaghy Helped Warriors?

You may have seen the article written in the New York Times about a suspicious move by Tim Donaghy in the Warriors game against Chicago on Feb. 9. (The link: http://www.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/47291/20070723/did_donaghy_help_warriors_in_game_versus_bulls/) Pretty much, the Warriors went into the game as two-point favorites. They were tied and Bulls had the ball in the waning seconds. Chicago was dribbling for the final shot and Andris Biedrins was camped in the key for several seconds. Of course, that’s a defensive three seconds penalty, which is a technical foul free throw. But instead of making the call, which would’ve given Ben Gordon or Kirk Hinrich a potential game-winning free throw attempt, Donaghy tapped Biedrins on the hip, pretty much telling him to get out of the key.
The Warriors got the stop and the game went into overtime. The Warriors won by two, 123-121.
Have sat courtside during games, I know for a fact the referees help out players and coaches sometimes instead of slowing the game down with calls. I’ve heard “get your hands off” when a defender is hand-checking and stuff like that in several instances. But it’s hard to tell whether Donaghy was just doing his part to let the players to decide the game or keeping alive his chances at winning a bet.
Interesting, huh? What do you think?

Marcus Thompson

  • john

    Wow,..we could have used him in that Wizards/Warriors fiasco where Gilbert Arenas hit three free throws with no time left. Wait a minute! Who was refereeing that game and do you think they,.nah, the commish says Donaghy is the only one.

  • Sam

    I was at that game. It was one of the best NBA games I have ever been to. It was such a tremendous back and forth between the two teams up until the very last 3-point-shot in overtime which Ben Gordon rimmed out.

    That clip on NYT isn’t proof of anything. Until there is some sort of list or black book that shows which games Dongahy allegedly fixed, these “proofs” look just like a game thats officiated correctly 90% of the time. 3-seconds is a lower-tiered violation; I don’t think refs want to call it judging from all the times I see players parked in the paint.

  • EJ

    that’s proof enough for me.

  • floppy

    Donaghy could have been trying to help the Warriors win. But I doubt it in this particular instance, because the Warriors got little reffy love that game. The Bulls got the luck of the calls that game, and if any of the refs were trying to make the Warriors win, it would have been easy to never have the game tied at that point to start with.

  • EJ

    i think it was more about covering the spread than the winner.

  • JustPuked

    At that point the game was already WAY “over” the over/under. He as just being a ref. Sorry, no grassy knoll on this one.