MP2 Coming Back?


My colleague, Tim Kawakami blogged that Mickael Pietrus is likely to come back for the $3.4 M qualifying offer the Warriors extended to him (which they had to do to make him a restricted free agent and have the right to match any offer he received). I’d take Pietrus at this price, though I wouldn’t mine just letting him walk anyway. That’s still a lot of money for what he brings, and I’d just as soon let Kelenna Azubuike try to fill that void for much cheaper. My opinion would be different is MP wasn’t the same player he was two years ago. But he is.
But, this might help the Warriors in the KG move because that is still pretty cheap. Pietrus, if Minnesota likes him, could now be a part of a KG deal because he’ll be either an expiring contract or cheap, young talent. He was pretty much out of the deal if some team would have thrown too much money at him. But no team bit, and Pietrus is going to have to settle for a small raise and no long-term security. So he becomes valuable to the Warriors on the trade market if Kawakami is right, which he almost always is.
Is $3.4 million to expensive for Pietrus, or would you love to have him back at that price?

Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    I think $3.4 million is towards the high end of his fair value. Pietrus seems popular among his teammates but he doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes and is a really hot & cold player. If anyone were interested in trading for him, I’d be all ears.

    I’d much rather have Azubuike’s consistent contributions as opposed to Pietrus who brings a lot or nothing to each game.

  • commish

    If MP is part of the deal to land KG, then I think it is ok. I don’t know enough about basketball to know whether MP indeed has a “low basketball IQ”, but IMHO I do know he has not gotten better over the last couple years and made a number of critical mistakes in the playoffs. And the other thing is two years ago after playing for France he came to camp and immediately got hurt, having been significantly fatigued during the long, hard summer.

    Therefore, I hope he is a part of a trade but otherwise adios.

  • TPG

    I think Pietrus is actually worth more than the $3.4 million. The rest of the league is just currently handcuffed by the salary cap. In addition to height/wingspan for a guard/forward, Mickael Pietrus brings some additional physical attributes that can’t be taught; you either have them or you don’t. Pietrus can attack the basket, shoot the 3, and can play shutdown defense. If the W’s can get him, then they need to do it – he fits Nellie’s system. He can even be the W’s equivalent of a Hamilton or Bowen with another year under Nellie.

    The Western Conference is also so deep this year that the final playoff spots in the west, may go to the teams who survive regular season injuries the best. Isn’t that what happened to the Grizzlies, Hornets, and Clippers?

    This year, the Warriors have to get as deep as possible with ‘playoff ready’ players by the playoffs. Keep open the possibility of getting Garnett, but that may never happen, so they need to improve the team/players they have now. If anything, the W’s should be figuring out how to deepen their bench with more ‘playoff ready’ players and trading players who just don’t fit the W’s current style of play i.e. Foyle, O’Bryant, and Jasikevicius.

    The Warriors came close in the playoffs this year; Utah just played the mismatches a little better. In fact, the games the W’s lost could have easily gone the other way – they just lost their composure in Utah. This year, they will have the experience of the playoffs under their belt. Can you imagine what would have happened, if the Warriors did get by Utah? With the additional rest between games, the Warriors would have diced up the Spurs just like the Mavericks.

  • floppy

    MP cannot be traded without his permission if he accepts the Qualifying Offer. What are the odds that he wants to go to Minny?

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    Blog Question: As you noted earlier this week, the Warriors still need a backup PG to take some of the load off of Baron. What do you think about making a play for Earl Boykins? He can’t play D, but is a great burst of energy off the bench.

    (Monta is OK, but is more of a scorer than a distributor, and has trouble with his decision-making since he’s not used to the point).

  • dareedle

    We need a rotation if we are going to compete for a playoff spot, and so far we downgraded our former best player for a couple of rookies. I think we should give Pietrus a pass, because he had three fricking coaches which makes it hard for a athletic but basketball skill limited player to really develop. If he can’t continue to flourish in the Nellie system and produce better numbers next year, he has no one to blame but himself and his agent for setting high expectations for a player who has consistently inconsistent.

  • john

    Okay, enough with this KG talk. It looks like he’s going to be a Celtic,..which means now, emtee(not empty), you can give us your educated and not speculative opinion on what the opening night roster will look like in November!

  • Derek

    Get at Phoenix about Amare S. or Shawn Marion, either guy would give the Dubs some credibility and a chance to win. Milsap might also be an option, maybe Milsap for Pietrus

  • zgreat

    When I think about it, if Boykins is looking for an amount similair to the qualifying offer we gave MP, I’d take Boykins in a heartbeat. I think Nellie would like Boykins since Boykins is everything he hoped Keith “Mister” Jennings was supposed to be.