Get Used to the Patch


It seems like many people are hatin’ on Drew Gooden’s patch. Some have even said they wouldn’t want Drew coming to the Warriors unless he gets rid of the patch.
So you guys won’t grow a patch if the Warriors get Drew? That would be a great give-away, now that I think about it. Drew Gooden Patch Night. The first 10,000 fans get a patch of hair they can stick to the back of their neck, or anywhere they’d like. Or, the Warriors can do a play on the Mullin Buzz Cut Night and have Gooden Patch Night, where any fan who gets shaved bald and leave a patch gets two tickets into the game.
I have some bad news for you patch haters out there. Gooden still has the patch, and he’s going to be keeping it for a while. What’s worse, it’s growing.
The patch has become Gooden’s calling card, his identity.
“It’s like fly paper for the ladies,” said a source close to Gooden. “But if every bankable athlete has to have a hook, I’d much rather him have that hair patch than gold teeth, illegitimate babies or a rap sheet.”
See, from that perspective, the patch is a good thing. You should embrace the patch. The patch is your friend.

Marcus Thompson