Blog Question

“For fervent fans there is a feeling the mighty Nellie and Mully (Mulson) has struck out. The lack of any significant movement is deafening and now we find out that Austin Croshere and Kosta P are signing. That takes us to 14 of the 15 allotted slots with nothing happening so far with MP or Barnes. As the ex-beat writer and current NBA scribe for the CC Times, what do you make of what is and is not going on? Are you as frustrated as the rest of the Warrior Nation or do you think, once again, Mulson has something sneaky up their sleeves?” — Commish

I think they did strike out, but I don’t think it was a bad offseason. I just think the chances of them making that significant move was slim because there weren’t that many options out there. The Warriors need a pretty special type of player. He has to have size but be able to run the floor. He has to be able to rebound, block some shots and defend the post, but he also has to be able to give the Warriors something on offense.
That was their major need going into the offseason, and there aren’t too many players who fit that. KG was perfect, but they didn’t get him. That was probable.
The problem is that while they were trying to get KG, some of the other options signed, such as Darko Milicic. But, you have to wonder if the plan Bs and Cs are the right player, too. Darko fits the athletic and offensively capable part, but he’s not a rebounder or defender. Other than KG, the players out there fall short in some way, shape or form.
There were only a couple players in the draft (Kevin Durant, Al Horford) who could give the Warriors what they need now, but the Warriors couldn’t move up that high. So, in hindsight especially, what chance did the Warriors have of making a significant improvement.
Since the Warriors lost Game 4 at home to the Jazz, I’ve been racking my brain for the addition they could get that would help them get to the West Finals. The list is slim, because of Nellie’s system and the Warriors’ needs. Actually, in the end, I think they ended up doing the next best thing — get more athletic and more efficient on offense. It may not payoff right away, but Belinelli is a serious shooter and Brandan Wright is a special athlete. If both of those guys turn out to be something, the Warriors will be even tougher to defend. If they can’t get stops, their best bet is to be unstoppable. That’s why I was in favor of going to get Ray Allen or Paul Pierce, but those are expensive options. If Belinelli turns into a 20-point scorer, the Warriors made out good. If Wright can get them 15 and 10 eventually, the Warriors turned out great. Plus, you have to remember the salary cap flexibility.
I know it looks bleak based on the expectations. But realistically, it was KG or marginal improvement, if not a step back. I always thought that if the Warriors didn’t get that really good four, they would take a step back because that run last year was magical. That’s not happening twice. But the chances of them getting the player that was going to make them better next year was slim because there aren’t that many — unless they revamp the roster.
I don’t think it was a great offseason (it would have been had they gotten KG). But I don’t think it was a bad one. Realistically, especially from a long-term perspective, they made out all right considering the circumstances.

Marcus Thompson