Poor Greg


You never want to see anyone get hurt. I certainly was rooting for Greg Oden to do well. He seems like a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. He’s got the underdog background and all that. Plus, I wanted to see how the Oden-Durant thing panned out. As many of you know, I said I would’ve drafted Durant. But I want to see the best of both players.
That said, this is a huge break for the Warriors. Without Greg Oden, who is reportedly out for the season after having microfracture surgery, Portland isn’t as much of a threat to the Warriors.
Per my estimation, the teams that had the best chance of taking the No. 8 seed away from the Warriors were New Orleans and Portland. The Clippers would have been in the mix, but losing Elton Brand for the first half of the year dooms them. Now, I think, the loss of Oden hampers the Blazers in the same fashion.
Assuredly, they’ll still be better. They have some nice talent, and Joel Przybilla is an OK center. Even LaMarcus Aldridge would be a decent option at center in a small, more skilled lineup. But Oden was the centerpiece, at the very least, Robin to Batman Brandon Roy. He gave them the defensive presence they sorely needed.
That leaves the Hornets as the biggest threat, and maybe the Lakers if the Hornets are good enough to earn that seventh spot (which would leave Kobe and Baron fighting for the No. 8). Either way, that’s one less team to tangle with.
I really do hope Oden comes back as good. It would be a real loss for the NBA if he’s some oft-injured bust who never reaches his potential. Microfracture surgery has been the demise of many good players (Kenyon Martin, Chris Webber, Anfernee Hardaway), but some have bounced back exceptionally well (Amare Stoudemire, Jason Kidd). Here’s hoping Greg falls in the latter group.


Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    The fickled finger of fate giveth and then taketh away. The run of luck Portland was having was pretty darn scary.

    And Marcus, let’s don’t count our playoff berth just yet, built on the failable knees of Teri Hatcher’s main squeeze. We may end up feeling quite desperate ourselves before the season is done. I sure hope not, but still, no jinx’s on us this early into the beginning of next season.

  • john

    Oh Marcus,..it’s a long season! Remember last year how the Clippers were in and Utah was looking terrible? I think it was you who said that Mussleman’s Kings were going to do better than Montgomery’s Warriors. Of course no one could have predicted a coach’s DUI and a huge midseason Warrior trade. Hey, how much is my signed Ike Diogu Warrior jersey worth?

  • commish

    Dear John,

    It is worth the same as my Adonal Foyle signed jersey. I love this game!

  • manhattanproj

    well if you remember, oden had an injured hand last year. oft-injured…sounds very dangerously close. but i really dont think oden would have been an impact rookie anyhow. he would probably be the backup to aldrigde this season. blazers were banking on 2008-09 season. but with the surgery, it’ll set oden back a few seasons. that’s bad. it took amare and jkidd about 2 years to fully recover. but the blazers still have good young talent to compete this season. outlaw, sergio the magician..etc.

    let’s just hope teri hatcher doesnt ruin baron’s playing shape. can’t believe he went after hatcher when jessica alba was in front of him.

  • manhattanproj

    blog question: do you have any info on how brendan wright and lasme are doing? belinelli hurt his ankle at the EuroGames, let’s hope it doesn’t set him back for the season.

  • EJ

    poor oden. i was driving through portland last month and they have got this HUGE greg oden jersey hanging in front of the rose garden. blazers billboards with oden all over the city and all that. sucks to be a blazers fan right now.

    i wonder if we’ll see any boom dizzle cameos on desperate housewives?

    hey marcus, is pietrus not going to play at all or something?? camp starts next month and melvin ely got signed before he did. melvin ely!! from what i’ve read the warriors’ 15 roster spots are filled with signed contracts already. where does that leave mp?