Best Kept Secret

I already know what you’re going to say. I can already see the comments ripping me as I type now. But that’s how real this is, that I’m willing to put up myself out there like that.
I have been utterly captivated by the WNBA Finals. Yeah, I said it.
I’ve been watching all of the playoffs (remember, this is Hoop Junkie, not NBA Junkie), but these finals have been riveting. I DVR’d Game 4 and watched it at like 1 a.m. Had to wait until the wife and baby was sleep so I can have freedom to throw pillows and jump around. Full disclosure: I am a huge Diana Taurasi fan, and therefore, a Phoenix Mercury fan.


This series — which concludes Sunday — has everything. Phoenix plays like the Suns, they run Paul Westhead’s uptempo system. They want to jack threes and run the break. Detroit is the blue-collar, grind out squad you might expect. It’s like Phoenix v. Detroit in the NBA. Obviously, the players aren’t as good, but the clash of styles is entertaining. And there’s been beef brewing the whole series. Lot of mean-mugging. Lot of trash talk. Lot of hard fouls.
One of the highlights is the match-up of two of the most explosive guards in the league, Cappie Pondexter (Phoenix) and Deanna Nolan (Detroit). Seriously, this is like the women’s version of T-Mac vs. Gilbert Arenas. They both are so athletic and so skilled. Both are ballers.

These two have been going at it. Cappie can get to the rack at will, and she has a stepback jumper you will be surprised to see a woman pull off. Deanna has an unbelievable pull-up jumper



Gotta mention Cheryl Ford, who plays just like her dad, Karl Malone, who was at Game 4. You also have crazy Bill Laimbeer storming Detroit sidelines, and all his antics. He’s mic’d up, so you get to hear all his complaining and smart remarks. One time, Taurasi came down with an offensive rebound, Laimbeer turned to his bench and said, “How come it’s always Swin’s man getting an offensive rebound?”
He called her out on national TV.
Then there’s Katie Smith. Anyone who knows anything about women’s hoops knows she’s a baller. She’s been around a while, clutch like Chauncey Billups. She can shoot the lights out and she’s cagey. She’s matched up with Taurasi, and doing as good a job as you could expect.
Game 5 (the WNBA Finals is best-of-five), is in Detroit, so Phoenix has a tough job. They beat the Shock once in the D already in Game 2 (Diana dropped 30, hitting pull-up 3-pointers from Ann Arbor), but that wasn’t with the series on the line. Detroit, which won last year’s title, is experienced and clutch. Which means if the Mercury wins, it’s likely going to because Diana did something magical.
If you don’t watch, you could miss it.


Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    So Marcus has been outed. Good for you. And I’m sure this blog won’t hurt your chances of some nice female companionship when you are out on the road in the middle of winter. Oh wait, there was the part about when the wife and baby (hey, who knew you had had a baby–congratulations: boy or girl?) were asleep. Never mind going there.

    I had watched, I guess on Brian Gumel’s sports show, a segment on Detroit and Laimbeer and the interaction with his team. He treated the women like men and they responded in kind with all kinds of funny stories. In that piece that talked with C Ford about her bitter past relationship with Malone and how that has changed and how Laimbeer really motivates by criticism and sarcasm via a love/hate relationship. Of course now they have Rick Mahorn as the main assistant coach and that can’t hurt.

    Thanks for the blog; it was fun and interesting and now I’ll try to catch game 5 on Sunday at 1:30 PST.

  • zgreat

    Marcus – Where is the Warriors angle? After
    seeing the pic of Diana Taurasi and remembering your previous post about BD’s relationship with Teri Hatcher, I was almost certain you were going to comment about Diana Taurasi’s blog where she mentions getting dumped by BD LOL


  • LT

    Nelson re-ups and your blog entry is about the WNBA…well done Marcus. By the way, Taurasi is carrying in that photo.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Carrying? Quit hatin’, LT. She’s going up for a lay-up. She’s about to scoop it on the other side of the basket like Dr. J.

  • Jaysohn

    I’ve watched a couple of games and watched a few minutes of game 5 today because I’m simply a basketball fan. The action is alright but I wouldn’t take it over even a men’s college game. My daughter wanted to watch a special on Jordan’s first championship over Magic than the game today. I give you props for writing about it though and I agree with you that Taurisi and Nolan are severe ballers.

  • LT

    if you are referring to Dr. Jankowitz, the orthopedist I play rec league ball with, you may be right. Seriously though, no hating, here…competition is competition. They work hard, have talent, and know how to play the game. Unlike their male counterparts who sometimes cruise on athletic ability alone, women athletes seem to by into the team philosophy a little more. It can be a bit refreshing. Keep up the good work.