Want AK47?


Now that the Warriors have gotten rid of Sarunas Jasikevicius, there is room for a disgruntled Euro on the Warriors bench. The Warriors can be a player with the pieces they have. Mickael Pietrus and Al Harrington might do the trick. Throw in Patrick O’Bryant as well.
But, I want to hear from you. Do you want AK47? Will he fit?
Before you answer, let’s look at some pros and cons.

*He’s long and athletic, and flourishes in an uptempo system — perfect for the Warriors style of play. He’s been shackled by Utah’s ocassion to grind it out

*He’s also a strong defensive presence, especially when it comes to protecting the basket. The Warriors need that desperately.

*He’s only 26, so he’s still young and has a lot of developing to do. He’s already a triple-double threat just off intangibles. Imagine if Nellie gets a hold of him.

*He has something to prove. He’s fallen out of favor with Jerry Sloan, and he’s being written off by most NBA heads as a cry baby. A change of scenery may be just what he needs.

*His wife, Masha, a former Russian model, would definitely bring some buzz to the Oracle. Remember, she’s the one who gave him an annual one-time voucher to have an affair.

* He can’t shoot, at least not consistently. The Warriors don’t need another swingman with a sketchy jumper.

* This dude is a good guy, by all accounts. Al Harrington told me he was a genuinely cool cat. But he’s a head case in the locker room. Whenever things don’t go his way, you can count on him whining to the media and stirring up some kind of fuss. He can be a distraction. He asked for his trade on a blog, in Russian. Enough said.

* He’s on the books for $63 million over the next four years. If the Warriors pick up AK47, and extend Baron, Andris and Monta, that’s all the cap for the future and the Warriors won’t be players in the free agent market for a while.

* After what BD did to him in the playoffs, how could he ever come play here? How could he sit in the locker room and look him in the face every day?

Marcus Thompson

  • LT

    The automat will clean house against anyone under 235lbs because of his length, but the W’s major weakness was exploited against Boozer the bruiser in the low post. I bet at Jazz practice, he breaks down AK at will if he establishes position. Ak’s game is great in transiton and weakside help, but just ask Baron…in close quarters, objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

  • EJ

    No way we want this cry baby on our squad.. The W’s are clearly taking a new approach toward overpaid players.. Buy em out, ship em out. The W’s need a back-up point guard.. I know he’s old, but lets bring The Glove home! Come on Mullie, bring GP back to the East Bay. We’ve got the mid level exception, and I’m not sure how many viable options there really are out there for a veteran back up for Baron.. GP can still play some D, He can handle the ball, and get it to our shooters.. What do you guys think?

  • john

    Who do we have to give up to get Masha?


    hey man, stop using my tag. anyway, i wouldn’t mind having him on the warriors. my only hang up is his salary. but i’d love to see him running the wing on the fastbreaks!

  • JustPuked

    I love everything that AK-47 brings on the court. He’s a top level defender in the loose ball, long arms style that exactly compliments the Warriors defensive style and adds significant shot blocking ability. He’s an above average passer, and rebounder. In the Warriors motion “free ball” offense, he can get points without having iso’s called for him. Plus at only 26, he’s should at minimum, be able to continue similar production at his previous All-Star level. Take his lower production last season with a grain of sat, the Boozer dominated offense doesn’t exactly do him any favors. On the court, he’s perfect for the Dubs.

    Off the court, his contract is bloated and would be toxic for everything the Warriors are trying to do. In the Powell/Mullin style of Warrior-Moneyball, we gotta pass. Although it would be fun watching Kirilenko and Croshere taking turns lugging BD’s jock around.

    EJ: We don’t have our mid level exception. It was split between Barnes and Perovic.

    Even if someone gets traded and there is room for him, I’m not so sure GP still has the gas to run at the Warriors pace. Plus, he’s not really the type to take a back seat to anyone and on the Dubs, he’d get at most 10 minutes of burn a night. The Warriors need to give Monta as many minutes at the back-up point to find out if he’s got the ability to take over for Baron down the road. On top of which, GP is more of the pound the ball type. The Warriors offense didn’t take off until Baron realized he could stop pounding the rock and start trusting his teammates enough to distribute. GP as never been and early offense type distributor. As great a story as that would be, I don’t think it’s a great fit.

  • JustPuked

    Well now that Jassy is gone, all the conjecture about the third point guard can start in bubblin’. GP or Armstrong or Pierre Pierce? Who else?

  • mountainman

    If Baron is extended, the window for winning is three years, maybe four. So they need to go for it now. AK47 isn’t as good as Garnett would have been, but would come cheaper and is what this team really needs as long as Nellie can keep his head focused where it needs to be. I would think he’d do way better under Nellie than under Sloan.

  • Jim


    Kirilenko is talking about walking away from his huge contract. How possible is it to void, renegotiate or restructure contracts in the NBA, ala what the Niners did in the ’80’s?

  • beau

    Ak-47, if Harrington and POB are enough as MT guesses, they should pull that off in a heartbeat. Yes, he can’t shoot, and yes he’s not a bruiser, but he well rebound defend, and fill the wing on the break better than Harrington, and cover up so many of the warriors defensive holes (with him and biendrins, that’s quite a few blocked shots a game). And his main reasons for whining were always his lack of role in the offense. There are so many shots in the w’s style of play, it shouldn’t be as big of an issue.

    GP 7 yrs ago yes, GP now, no. He’s too slow. He won’t be able to maintain the warriors pace. And he’s been playing a slow-down style for the last 4 seasons (MIA, LAL, BOS). He’s not the right fit. Charlie Bell would’ve been perfect, but too late for that, and w’s didn’t have cap space anyway.

  • I would suggest signing AK47 some how and go after Dee Brown as well. The additions of these two would equal two sixth-men coming off the bench. Or, you can have Dee Brown coming in for Boom Dizzle and have AK47 coming in for Beans when he needs a breather. This would complete our back up help.

  • zgreat

    I think AK47’s style of play would fit in with the Warriors just fine. Unfortunately, his contract will create cap problems down the road.

    btw – I was under the impression his wife was a pop star not a model (like Britney Spears)

  • itsagreattimeout

    AK could void his contract!
    If he’s cheap, I say pick him up!!! But no way do I pay 60+ million for this guy. 4 years, 20-25 mill should be fine. He would love playin for the Warriors. And fun and love seems to be what he’s looking for.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Anyone can void a contract as long as both parties agree. They can come to some kind of buyout agreement, but the operative word is agreement. The Jazz would have to sign off. I’m sure getting rid of $63 million would be good in their eyes. But do they want to lose him for nothing?

  • zgreat

    If AK47 walked away from his contract for nothing like Fisher, I think he’d be doing the Jazz a favor.

    Now if Utah has to buy AK47 out of his contract, then I could see them asking for something in return.

  • Derek

    There is talk of a trade AK47 for Shawn Marion, instead of trading for AK, trade for Marion, he is still on the block.

  • William

    Nice foul by Davis, looks like he is using AK’s head to boast himself up. AK should have gotten an assist on that one.

  • jaysohn

    There’s just no way, AK-47 is not going to void his contract and re-sign for half as much somewhere else. That’s not going to happen. I’m sure he’s trying to force a trade but just like with Garnett unless you want to give up Monta or Beidrins we don’t have enough of anything that anyone else wants. Mully has done a great job creating cap space and options for next year, he’s not going to mess that up for an overpaid less than Star player

  • AK47 would definitely be good for Golden State and Golden State would be good for AK47.

    First off, the freedom that Nellie offers would satisfy and in turn calm AK47 down….when he is content, I doubt he is also a distraction. Secondly, he will be very fun to watch again, much like he was 2 and 3 years ago, when he was my favorite player.

    As for GS benefiting, one word- DEFENSE! This team, like many of Nellie’s teams is not a team which will have a dominat defensive presence. However, despite this lacking team defense, AK47 will definately provide some defense and it won’t take motivation to make him want to do so.

  • commish

    Well, sadly we can’t have it both ways. We either bite the bullet and pick up a huge salary that would kill our developing youth movement; or, we get an exceptionally talented and really ‘long’ defensive player who can run in Nellieball. So, it is either Nellieball or moneyball. I’m guessing Mully, unless AK really opts or gets bought out, will pass on rat tat tat.

  • Derek

    AK-47 is not as good as Marion, trade for Marion, he’s the perfect fit for the Warriors