Troy Hudson a Warrior


We learned earlier today that the Warriors have signed or are signing Troy Hudson to a one-year deal. This is the latest in a summer of good (but not great) moves by the Warriors this offseason.
In Hudson, they get a point guard with quickness, a nice outside stroke, and some experience. That’s exactly what they needed.
The best part? Hudson will make the veteran minimum, which for him, entering his 11th season, is $1.2 million. So he’s cheap and well worth the financial risk.
Plus, Hudson has something to prove. He’s been injured most of the time lately. He played 34 games last year and 36 the year before. He played just 29 games in 2003-04.
It will be interesting to see what he has left in those ankles. When he did play, he was pretty formidable. When he gets hot, it’s over. Remember his performance against the Lakers in the playoffs a few years ago? They couldn’t guard him.
It’s just the insurance the Warriors needed. With Baron having a reputation for getting hurt, the Warriors won’t have to turn the rock over to an inexperienced point guard in Monta Ellis, or have a forward run the show. Hudson has experience as a starter, on playoff teams, which allows Monta to float between both guard positions.
Nellie now has the option of starting Ellis at shooting guard without worrying about who’s going to spell Baron. Or, he could run Troy Hudson and Monta out there together on the second string.
It’s a very prudent move by Mullin.
By the way, Hudson is also a rapper. His alter ego, T-Hud, has put out three albums: The Stress of Both Worlds, Back on the Block, Vol. 1 and Undrafted. The latter, released in July, sold 78 copies in its first week.
If nothing else, he can perform on the Great Time Out stage at halftime.


Marcus Thompson

  • zgreat

    I was so hoping we’d bring Boykins back. I know he has a reputation for dominating the ball, but I think he has the skills and smarts to adapt and excel in Nellie’s system.

  • john

    Smart move. Now, if MP takes an offer and goes elsewhere, the Warriors can also add another backup point guard.

  • petaluman

    This signing enables them to consider a Pietrus s&t for a veteran 4 or 5. Croshere, Harrington, and Biedrins are the only Warrior bigs with significant NBA experience.

  • WsPhil

    Good pickup, especially for the $$. Mullin can really identify with guys who’ve been written off before and are motivated to prove themselves again. It will give Baron more time to rest, hopefully avoiding injuries.

  • TPG

    It’s a wasted pick. Monta should be backing up Baron when he’s not playing alongside him; he needs more court time in order to turn into a true playoff ready point guard and Baron/Nellie should be helping him achieve this. With Hudson on the floor, Monta ends up splitting time with Belinelli, Azubuike, and Barnes.

    The Warriors need to decide specifically when they want to make a run for a championship and then commit to that plan. The team that they have now is not going to win a championship this year. So, they need to continue to build on their young core – Biedrins, Ellis, Belinelli, Wright, and Azubuike. And that requires playing time. I’d rather have a losing season where these players gained experience than a losing season where they gained nothing at all.

    Croshere and now Hudson are definitely on the backside of their careers and will not have an impact on the Warriors season this year, except in garbage time. If they receive any significant playing time, it would mean a devastating injury to either Baron, Jackson, Harrington, or Biedrins – and the season is all over. The team is much better off playing

  • manhattanproj

    dont agree with this move. they need a backup PG, but not one that gets hurt more often than BD and shoot more than your go-to scorer.

    he’s a proven vet, yes, but he also takes up a roster spot and probably less pt for monta at the point.

  • EJ

    he’s making the minimum, so that’s fine with me. i’d rather have hudson than some nbdl journeyman.

  • Steve

    What’s everybody complaining about? We just picked up a back up PG that is “playoff-tested”, has a good outside shot, can play defense and is quick, for the vet min $1.22M. It was a necessary and shrewd move by Mullin & Co. to get an experienced backup for Diddy.
    Also, let’s not forget Boykins is the the same age as Hudson, 5’5″–which makes our 2nd unit even smaller and is a ball hog! Hudson adds another dimension for 10-12 mins/game with his decent height and quickness.
    I can’t wait to see the Warriors first game at home against Utah!

  • lobo

    Don’t y’all underestimate how good the veteran pick ups are.

    Both are excellent off the bench players who are playoff quality. Nelson has unlimited options to play with…all of which sound very good to me.

    No…we do not have a real banger to go up against a Boozer who had his way with us. That is the missing piece that is oh so important..but let’s see what is could be up their sleeves.

  • petaluman

    Another inexpensive vet on a 1 year contract to flesh out our extremely young bench. Remember, fully 1/3 of our team has essentially no NBA experience.

    Croshere and Hudson are a better fit on the Warriors than Foyle and Jasikevicius, and have more versatile skill sets. I’m fine with both signings. We’re not looking for them to be All-Stars, just to give us a few solid minutes.

  • jaysohn

    I really can’t understand what the complaint can be on this signing. You get a backup PG, which everyone has been crying that we needed on the cheap (450k is not even being paid by the team). Hudson is simply an insurance policy against Baron getting hurt and Monta failing as a PG. Much better option than the old Glove or White Chocolate.

  • JustPuked

    Smart move. Cheap, effective player. This is better than the discussed moves of Jason Williams, Pierre Pierce, Earl Boykins, Dee Brown, Gary Payton etc.

    I read a hoops article discussing the similarities between Thud and Ellis’s games and how Thud is the perfect type player to mentor Kid Flash on how to be an effective Point/Combo Guard.

    Of course it also carries so risk as Thud has been injury prone and the last time he really brought it was in the 2003 playoffs. That’s a long dry spell. Even so, I love it.

  • frenemy

    Hi — I just stumbled on this blog. It’s great — good analysis, great hoops IQ and a sense of humor!

    How about an RSS feed?

  • a

    If he gets hurt again, cut him. He is cheap. If we can afford to buy out Foyle, how difficult is it to cut a cheapie? If you don’t like his smile then cut him, nothing lost. That being said, Hudson was quite impressive shooter. If he can avoid the injury and regain that form he had early T-wol and 2 years before that, then Mullin will look like Einstein. If we let him go then Mullin will still look like Einstein as he is a cheapie on the roster with no risk.