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It’s improbable, considering Marion’s public trade demand hurt the Suns chances of trading, because now every team in the league will low-ball Steve Kerr knowing that he HAS to make a move. But, if I’m Mullin, I’ll make it happen. He’s already made the commitment to the uptempo, offensive-oriented basketball. Might as well try to outscore everyone. Marion is a 20 and 10 guy when at his best.
Are there down sides to signing Marion? Of course.

*He’s not good at creating shots for himself or others. This is especially not healthy come clutch time, and it means he’ll have to play alongside Baron, the team’s best creator, to be his most productive. Which means if Baron gets hurt, Marion may not be as valuable.
BUT the Warriors season relies on Baron’s health anyway. And while the Warriors would love to have five players who can create, they need what Marion brings more than what he doesn’t.

* Like PG Baron Davis, he can terminate his contract after next year.
He wants an extension for $60 million over three years, at least. So, any team that gets him will have to break bread to keep him.
BUT the Warriors don’t have to commit that money yet. A one-year try out isn’t the worst thing. They can acquire him, see how he fits, then negotiate next offseason. If he walks, you’ve only lost Harrington and Pietrus or whoever. Worst-case scenario, you have $16 million erased from the cap. If he fits perfectly, pay him. Marion knows he needs to play with a great PG, which slims his options. He may end up loving it here, and he’s cheaper than Garnett would’ve been. And isn’t that what they got rid of Richardson for, the financial flexibility to get a four-time All-Star like Shawn Marion?

*He’d be taking minutes from Brandan Wright, who could develop into the next Shawn Marion, at a much cheaper price. Wright certainly has the physical tools that puts him in the category of a Shawn Marion.
BUT he could also turn out to be Stromile Swift. Who wants to wait and hope a guy can develop when you have the chance to nab a proven player?


The only thing he can’t do well is defend big, bruising power forwards — though he’d be better at it than Al Harrington — and shoot from 3-point range (with that form of his, I’m surprised he shoots 34 percent from three for his career). He runs the floor as well as anyone in the league. He finishes. He rebounds. He defends.
With Kevin Garnett now in Beantown, is there a better forward for the Warriors right now? Who embodies everything Nellie ball is about, at least from a big man perspective, more than Marion?


Marcus Thompson

  • Derek

    I told people on this site Marion was available along time ago, but uninformed warrior fans said I was crazy. Trade Harrington and pietus, make it happen

  • beau

    kerr won’t trade him to nellie. why in god’s name would he trade a perfect piece for nellie’s system, to a team on the rise in his own division? unless he proves to be isiah thomas bad as a gm.

  • JustPuked

    No way in Hell Kerr trades Marion to the Dubs unless he is able to squeeze some serious blood out of the Warriors. He MIGHT go for Pietrus, Harrington, POB AND Wright. I don’t see us giving up that much for Marion. And let’s not go too goo goo gaa gaa. He’s a 17 and 9 guy, not a 20 and 10 guy. He’d be awesome in Nelliball, granted, but the price would be sky high.

    It’s the same scenario as with AK-47. Too damn expensive.

  • Marcus Thompson


    Marion has been available for years. Every draft, Phoenix is looking to use him to move up. Warriors fans don’t feel like he’s available to the Warriors, which I tend to agree with. It would have to be a sweet deal to get Phoenix to help a Divison rival. I think they’ll ask for Monta. I can imagine Nellie won’t argue too much.

    I said at his best he’s a 20 and 10 guy. And he’s nowhere near as expensive as AK47. Marion is getting $16M this year. But you’re going to have to give up at least $12M to get him, so that’s $4M more than what you’re already paying. Plus, Marion has just two years left, if he takes the last one. AK is locked up for more than $60M over four years. That’s a much steeper commitment

  • Derek

    If they are willing to deal with the Lakers and/or Utah, why not GS.

    Warrior fans think to small and have no confidence. Laker fans know they have a chance to get him, GS fan don’t, smells like an inferiority complex to me.

    Give them Pietrus,POB and Harrington. Thats better than anything the lakers or Utah can offer.

    Basketball is not about division competition, it’s the conference, and Phoenix has traded within the conference numerous times.

  • Derek

    The warriors did not trade J-Rich, just to get the youngster, the trade was part of a plan to get KG, since that fell through why not go for the cheaper option in Marion

  • TPG

    I think a trade for Marion would cost the Warriors too much. Just to match salaries, the W’s would lose Harrington, Pietrus, and at least 2 other players. A combination of either Biedrins, Wright, O’Bryant, Perovic, Belinelli, and Ellis would need to be included just to make this deal work. O’Bryant I can part with, but the rest – no way. It’s too much talent and depth to give away.

    A better option would be to try and get Travis Outlaw from Portland. He’s got a huge upside; he’s young and can get up the court. With Greg Oden out, the W’s can trade O’Bryant, Croshere, and Hudson and the deal will work when the trade restrictions pass.

  • beau

    who said phoenix would trade with la? kobe? marion? just b/c they want it to happen, doesn’t mean kerr would do it. in fact, why in the world would he want to improve the team around kobe? and what would he get, odom? so he’s going to trade a 20/10 guy for another pass 1st guy, when they already have diaw and nash, who they can only count on him for 50 games, maybe. makes no sense.

    utah deal makes more sense for phoenix, as kirilenko brings different skill set, and marion won’t be able to “get off” offensively in sloan’s system as he would with w’s and LAL. he’s a slop player, jamison with a better outside shop and face-the-basket game. sloan likes a regimented offense with clear options. marion would not flourish there, so kerr wouldn’t run as much of a risk of the deal blowing up in his face.

  • john

    So the Warriors wont’t give BD an extension. What does that mean, besides making good economic sense? Or, maybe, that’s all that really matters, the money flexibility for 2008 and beyond.

  • manhattanproj

    this leads me to this blog question: “Would you extend BD contract, given that guys like Arenas and Marion will be available next summer?”

    i personally dont want BD contract extended, at least not for max dollars. at a reasonable price, yes, extend his contract but that’s highly unlikely. i would like the w’s get arenas back in the bay. arenas is the more dominant player at this point in time. and he’s more reliable health wise. he’s not as much of a playmaker as BD is, but would you want to extend BD and have a situation like what hornets went through?

  • Anonymous

    BD, Marion and Jackson, thats a nice big three. The price is not to big, they were gonna pay more for KG who is a very similar player, just a tad better.