MP2’ll always have Paris?


Talked to Happy Walters, one of Mickael Pietrus’ agents, Sunday afternoon and was told that MP is still in Paris and does not plan on attending today’s Media Day session at Warriors HQ.
This does NOT mean that Pietrus is staging a holdout; he can “sign” the Warriors’ one-year, $3.47 million qualifying offer by fax, if necessary. But it does cut things close in terms of making the start of training camp, which begins Tuesday at 10 a.m., Hawaii time.
Walters said he was “cautiously optimistic” something would be resolved for Pietrus in the next 24 hours, although he wouldn’t give any more details than that. One thing Walters ruled out was having Pietrus flee to play in Europe, a threat that was made last week in a Sporting News article by the agent for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Sasha Pavlovic, who’s stuck in the same restricted-free-agent vortex as Pietrus.
It’s still hard to see how this plays out as anything other than Pietrus signing the qualifying offer — after all, Chris Mullin has had months to OK a sign-and-trade, so why would he suddenly change his mind now? — but it appears discussions will go down to the absolute wire.

— Geoff Lepper

Marcus Thompson

  • JustPuked

    …and the whole bay area waits with baited breath. Who were we talking about again?

    Thanks for the inside scoop. This is the very last little detail before training camp. I hope grounded france figures it out soon.

  • manhattanproj

    this is something i dont understand. why sign pietrus to a one year deal? why not trade him? no trade partners? what’s the point of bringing him back this year? he’s going to go somewhere else after the season.

    does mullin want pietrus so he can use him in a package for trade later in the season?

  • E-Dubby

    I hope Pietrus signs. He had a very good year. 11+ points on 49% shooting, 39% from three, 4.5 boards. Can guard 3 positions. Not many guys with that efficiency.

    I know the guy drives us nuts sometimes with mental lapses, but he’s pretty darn good. I think they’ll miss him if he walks.

  • Steve/Concord

    He’s valuable to the Warriors at the beginning of the season with Jax out on an eight game suspension. As the season progresses and players on other teams get injured, he becomes a valuable trading piece to a hard-up team.

  • john

    From the SI website analysis of the Warriors off season trades and season predictions;”But Baron Davis won’t have Richardson’s help in creating something out of nothing, and these guys don’t play defense well enough to shrug off his 16 points a game.”