That was scary. I got word about Monta’s injury at about 11 p.m. last night and my heart dropped. I could hardly sleep. It seems it’s always those innocuous plays that lead to the devastating injuries. All I could think was he didn’t get his big contract first.
Monta is really a good kid. He’s come through a lot to get where he is and he has such a bright future ahead – and not just as a basketball player. He could use a couple slices of humble pie, but you can expect that from someone in his shoes.
I am truly glad and relieved it is just a neck sprain and he’ll be able to resume the life for which he was headed.

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    wheewww, indeed. i heard it on espn and just became wide-eyed. luckily it’s just a neck sprain.

    “couple slices of humble pie” hahaha…great insight. let’s hope he doesnt become a young kobe.

  • A young Kobe? I wish!

  • moneer

    Monte has such great potential. Has the potential to be the best better then kobe