Reason for Panic?

I’m in San Antonio, and I just saw something that looked to be desperation, but I’m not sure.
It was the start of the fourth quarter. The Warriors were up 86-80. Guess who emerged from the bench: Baron Davis, Al Harrington, Kelenna Azubuike and Marco Belinelli. That’s at least three starters playing the fourth quarter of a preseason game.
It gets worse. Guess who took the floor for San Antonio:
Francisco Elson, Anthony Lever-Pedroza, Keith Langford, Matt Bonner and Ime Udoka.
Should we be worried that the Warriors are going hard against the Spurs C team and still coming up short? Should it bother Warriors fans that Nellie is so desperate to see something positive that he’s keeping key players in much longer with hopes they show him something?
“Nobody was really good enough at all phases of the game to get a high grade. Azubuike was probably the most solid for us on both ends of the floor.”
The Warriors, despite big minutes from several of their best players (Kelenna played 39 minutes, Baron played 30, Harrington 32 and Belinelli 29), lost to a Spurs team that was without Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Bruce Bowen and Brent Barry. Even Greg Popovich sat this one out, watching from a seat in the stands, about a dozen rows behind the Spurs bench. Sure, the Warriors were without Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis, but that’s hardly an equal trade.
There are two preseason games left and the Warriors appear out of sync and unsituated. The shooting guard and power forward positions are still undecided (though Azubuike is likely to start at the 2) and they have yet to nail down any pattern of rotation. Several players — such as Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Al Harrington — have been sporadic in their play.
With two preseason games left, the Warriors should be in rhythm. Nelson went deep into the game trying to find that rhythm, but instead watched his squad get torched by Darius Washington, who likely won’t make the Spurs’ roster.
Matt Barnes said they do have that rhythm in practice, but for some reason, it’s not showing up in the games. They certainly should be in stride now, ready to hit the ground running. Uh, they’re not.
“We need to sit down and look at some film and see what we need to work on,” Stephen Jackson said. “We definitely need to get better on defense for sure … and just focus on the other things we need to work on and move forward as we get closer to the season.”
Are you worried?

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    maybe if nelson will pin down a starting lineup, then guys can start playing instead of worrying who’s going to be on the floor. it’s hard to find a rhythm when you are playing with diff guys all the time. and with jackson out the first 7 games, it makes it that much harder.

    who’s going to be the 2,3,4? remember, warriors hit their stride after they fix their lineup with j-rich and BD coming back from injury.

    i, for one, think monta should be a combo guard off the bench, ala ben gordon. to be a microwave type of player.

    lineup: BD, keleena, barnes/jackson, harrington, biedrins.

    bench: monta, hudson, your center/pf of choice, belinelli.

  • Sparky

    Starting lineup games 1-7 against Utah, @LAC, @Utah, vs Cle, vs Dal, vs Det, vs LAC:

    Baron, Monta, Azubuike, PIETRUS, Biedrins.

    Jax comes back for 5 cities, 7 nights, East Coast road trip.

    I’m officially worried.

  • commish

    I’m worried when we still have a team with no rebounding in site other than Beans and maybe POB (dare I say) based on his preseason improvements. I’m all about thinking right now about the TPE and who we can get to fill that void not addressed at all in the offseason. Yes, I’m worried that we are going to get blown off the court by inferior offensive teams who can simply rebound if our penchant for three’s go astray. Good blog Marcus!

  • Bottomline

    This is the bottomline. The warriors are simply the warriors. There roster is basically the same and we lost the heart of the team in Richardson. The tradeoff is that we didn’t get the help we were looking for in the off season, and the other teams will be waiting for the Warriors this time around. So what then. This is a long season. It’s going to take about 20 game for the rotation to get settled and the young guys to develop, not to mention that Davis, Harrington, and Jackson must stay healthy while Azubuike, Barnes, Beidrin,and Ellis must show improvement over last year. The Warriors must make a trade by the trading dead line, so if the warriors were smart they wouldn’t be signing any extentions for anyone at this time. We are only one solid front line player away from become a serious threat. So hold on to your shorts, be patient and enjoy the ride. At least the warriors are entertaining.