2007-08 Predictions

I think I’m picking Phoenix to win it all. This is the year they finally get past San Antonio and into the NBA Finals, where they run circles around the East’s representative, Boston. Raja Bell neutralizes Ray Allen, Amare Stoudemire offsets Kevin Garnett, and Steve Nash is way too much for Rajon Rondo.

To recap, the winners:
West Finals – Phoenix d. San Antonio in 7
East Finals – Boston d. Cleveland in 6
NBA Finals – Phoenix d. Boston in 6


As for postseason awards:
Most Valuable Player – LeBron James


Rookie Of the Year – Kevin Durant
Sixth Man of the Year – Leandro Barbosa
Most Improved Player – Kelenna Azubuike
Coach Of the Year – Stan Van Gundy
Defensive Player Of the Year – Tyson Chandler
Executive Of the Year – Danny Ainge


As for All-NBA:
First Team
G Steve Nash
G Kobe Bryant
F LeBron James
F Tim Duncan
C Yao Ming

Second Team
G Baron Davis
G Tracy McGrady
F Kevin Garnett
F Carmelo Anthony
C Amare Stoudemire


Third Team
G Chris Paul
G Gilbert Arenas
F Dirk Nowitzki
F Chris Bosh
C Dwight Howard

Now, what I really want to know now is your predections. Who meets in the conference finals? Who wins the Finals? Who wins the postseason awards? Who is your All-NBA squad? Let’s see it.

Marcus Thompson

  • forepj

    I’d rather read Geoff Lepper’s stuff.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Chuck

    Baron Davis and Chris Paul?

    Where is Daron Williams? He’s better than both.

  • SJ

    forepj, that’s just sort of pathetic and mean spirited- unless i’m misreading. As Gob would say: C’mon! Still I do miss the previous set-up. I think people emailing questions and then Marcus answering a whole bunch of them worked better. I liked Marcus’ responses and the readership seemed to be a bit higher. Anyway I’ve been a big fan of MT’s perspective, I think he takes things a bit deeper and goes beyond basketball to life. Can we bring back the mailbag!?!