Doing Too Much

The Warriors went waaaay overboard with their pregame introductions Tuesday. The video was cool. The fire was borderline. But the reserves coming out of the crowd one at a time? The starters being exalted on some platform like the Justice League? Seriously.
My man Brett Yamaguchi is in charge of the entertainment. And he does one of the better jobs in the league. To be sure, Monday’s introductions were entertaining. They got the crowd hype. But you woulda thought they won a championship.
I’d hate to see what they do when they win a title. They’re going to have to bring the Stones in this piece!

Marcus Thompson

  • BigKat

    Brett Yamaguchi? Like Kristi Yamaguchi’s little brother? I went to school with him at Moreau! Cool to hear what he’s up to now.

  • marcus,

    its the first game of the year and for the first time in years, fans had more to cheer about than dunmurphy, siekaly, vic alexander, gugliatta or someother clown that should be playing in the dleague if it weren’t for some over optimistic scout and huge unjustifiable contracts. they got to put on a show.

    its too bad the players knew they were going to get roughed up, their pregame enthusiasm couldn’t match the intro.