Don’t Be Too Alarmed

It’s not as bad as last night’s drubbing looked, but not as good as many expected. The Warriors will be all right. They won’t be winning 50 games, they probably won’t make the playoffs, but they won’t get humiliated every night as they did Tuesday.
Last night can be explained.
* The Warriors ran up against one of the teams they match-up poorly against. Utah, San Antonio and the Clippers (with Elton Brand) are tough on the Warriors. Utah is especially tough because of its style of play. The Jazz is to Golden State what Golden State is to Dallas. The Warriors just have to tip their cap and be thankful they get two games against the Jazz out of the way early.
*The Warriors were overcome by their own emotions and excitement. This was most evident in their terrible execution on defense. I don’t think they made a proper rotation all night, and they left their feet to block a shot every chance they could. That will get better as they calm down and they season progresses. They won’t be San Antonio, but they won’t allow the likes of Ronnie Brewer to pick them apart.
*The offense will get better. It won’t be as potent or as sure as last season, but they were so out of sync and helter skelter last night. All they did was make one pass and run a pick-and-roll. Each player took turns trying to get to the basket or hoisting up threes. Very little post-ups. The transition game died after a hot start. That won’t be the norm, especially when Stephen Jackson returns. Still, expect more cold streaks and off nights because they have one last guy who can get you 20 in a variety of ways.
So, no need to be scared the Warriors are returning to their losing ways. But, as last night proved, don’t expect them to jump into the Western Conference elite this season.

Marcus Thompson

  • Jaysohn

    Last night just comfirmed what we already knew.. Utah is a really bad matchup for the Warriors. They have no one to go against Boozer and Milsap.. and Kirilenko guards the rim like Bill Russell. I think there are going to be games through out the season where Nellie is going to have to change his strategy. He kept trying to go smaller last night instead of bringing in Croshere to match up on the boards and for defense. And even though Nellie hates to play rookies I believe he’s gonna have to give some PT to Wright and Lasme. No matter what he does on offense Peitrus at the 4 isn’t going to work. Last night also showed how huge Stephen Jackson is to the team. He’s second in importance only to Baron. His the teams best defender and the only other guy besides Baron that seems to be able to run the office. Gotta like Monta’s scoring but wow is he awful running the point and Hudson was just jacking up shots. When Jackson gets back the team will be alright, I like Azuibuke replacing JRich and Harrington as the 6th man but they still have huge holes at PF and backup center.

  • commish

    Marcus, I hope you are right but I don’t agree. Last night we saw exactly how management did not address the one glaring weakness from last season–rebounding. Well, two weaknesses–rebounding and free throws.

    On the other hand, we did draft three potential helpers when it comes to the boards: Wright, Lasme, and Kosta. How much playing time they will get is another question.

    Like I said, I hope your optimism is well founded. I’m not onboard yet.

  • john

    Hey Marcus: Are you hearing and seeing what’s coming out of Indy with the new and improved Mike Dunleavy and Ike Diogu? Could it be that the Warrior fans least favorite player has finally blossomed?

  • Safiya

    Yes, I agree that the Warriors will definitely get better as this schedule smoothes out. Utah is just big and strong at every position from the 1 to the 5. They’re too much for our undersized team to handle. Against bigger teams, the Warriors have to be on top of their offensive games to compensate for their lack of size, and they have to keep the game going at their tempo. I do still think the Warriors will make the playoffs though. They’ll probably slide into the 7th or 8th spot in the Western Conference, but there’s no way they’re going deep into the playoffs playing like they did on Tuesday. One of the more disappointing things about Tuesday was that they still can’t shoot free throws as a team. 12 points were left at the line. When you’re not getting done on the offensive or defensive end, you have to make those free throws! Improvements at the line and a legitimate center (who can score, rebound, and block shots effectively)are what the Warriors need to make it further.

  • manhattanproj

    blog question: what is up with teams not locking up their young players. warriors didn’t lock up biedrins, and players like okafor, ben gordan, deng, and iguodala. are teams that concerned about the salary cap these days? or are these players just not worth the money their draft slot warrants them? or are the agents asking too much?

    with the w’s having the cap flexibility and the number the free agents, do you see them going after deng and iguodala?

  • Marcus Thompson


    I agree that they didn’t address the glaring weakness. But that weakness is too hard to acquire to bank your season on it. You can’t win a title without it, but you can make a nice run in the playoffs without it. Then you just have to be ready and seize the opportunity to nab a rebounding big man who can score inside and run the floor when it arises. The last opportunity was KG. Who will be the next one?


    I have heard. I kind of knew Diogu would pan out. He was the one guy I didn’t want to see go, but knew it made sense. But can you believe Dunleavy is supposed to be a baller now? I’m not buying it yet, though I will say Dunleavy is an OK player who will be better under coach Jim O’Brien’s system. He’s all about quick shots, ball movement and pushing the tempo. But it’s still a bit slower than the Warriors and Phoenix. That fits Dunleavy, who couldn’t keep up in Nellie ball.