Last of the Beaten

As of right now, as the Warriors tip off against the Pistons, Golden State is the last winless team in the league.
Seattle won at Miami to improve to 1-8, and Minnesota hung on to knock of visiting Sacramento and get its first victory in six tries.
If somehow the Warriors can’t beat short-handed Detroit, they’re going to get national attention as the only remaining winning team and not the darlings they were just months ago.

Marcus Thompson

  • EJ

    marcus. it seems like the team the warriors have right now is stuck in the middle of developing young talent and being a western conference contender. can a team go in both directions at the same time? let’s face it. when they traded j-rich that kinda meant that they were gutting out the team. now all you’ve got left is baron, jack, and al whose focus is all about winning…NOW. but then theres the bench with monta, andris, wright, belinelli, o’bryant, etc, that won’t be ready for another couple years for primetime. i just don’t see this team being competitive throughout the year with the personnel they have. if things don’t improve in a couple months do you see baron or al getting dealt before the deadline?

  • JustPuked

    EJ- Mullin has already confirmed that part of the reason they let everyone get to contract year status was so they would have the flexibility to wheel and deal if the right opportunity presented itself. I absolutely think Al or Baron could be dealt for the deadline. Not probable but I guarantee Mullin would take the call.