I still can’t believe they lost that game. Since they are in the business of giving away games, you can’t help but wonder if they are going to win a game this month. Check out their remaining games — much tougher opponents than Detroit down two starters:

Clippers – they are a bad match-up, big, physical and they make free throws
@Raptors – they will need this game to salvage their homestand
@Knicks – also big and physical downlow
@Celtics – don’t even think about it
@Wizards – bad defense is the cure for the Wiz struggling offense
@76ers – the Warriors will be 0-11 at this point and reeling
Suns – they usually play well at home against Phoenix, but do they have enough to keep up
@Kings – Sacramento is terrible, so they’ll be looking forward to beating a rival
Rockets – Maybe McGrady will still be out

So, which one do they win? Maybe they get the Knicks game. Maybe. They could get Washington. But can you really bank on the Warriors winning a road game under pressure? They won 12 road games last year. They aren’t exactly Road Warriors.

But then, the home foes are tough, too.

Will they go 0-for-November? That’s not possible, right? I’m not too sure anymore.

Marcus Thompson