I still can’t believe they lost that game. Since they are in the business of giving away games, you can’t help but wonder if they are going to win a game this month. Check out their remaining games — much tougher opponents than Detroit down two starters:

Clippers – they are a bad match-up, big, physical and they make free throws
@Raptors – they will need this game to salvage their homestand
@Knicks – also big and physical downlow
@Celtics – don’t even think about it
@Wizards – bad defense is the cure for the Wiz struggling offense
@76ers – the Warriors will be 0-11 at this point and reeling
Suns – they usually play well at home against Phoenix, but do they have enough to keep up
@Kings – Sacramento is terrible, so they’ll be looking forward to beating a rival
Rockets – Maybe McGrady will still be out

So, which one do they win? Maybe they get the Knicks game. Maybe. They could get Washington. But can you really bank on the Warriors winning a road game under pressure? They won 12 road games last year. They aren’t exactly Road Warriors.

But then, the home foes are tough, too.

Will they go 0-for-November? That’s not possible, right? I’m not too sure anymore.

Marcus Thompson

  • kent

    I can see how the warriors can possibly pull out wins against 5 of those team. The clippers, Knicks, Wizards, Sixers, and Kings. But that is the max. Most likely they win against the Clippers, Sixers and Kings. What’s that get us? 3- 12? yeesh. Start the lottery now.

  • Paddy Mac

    Man I don’t want to go back too far but I use to listen to the “Rick Berry Show” with him always spouting “defense was how you win championships” and looking at even recent past champs it’s a fact, but the Warriors never played it then and don’t play it now. Nothings changed but the hoopla. But that’s our new NBA, the no defense league and Don Nelson has given up trying to teach it too. Hope they can avg 130

  • commish

    Hey, tell us something we don’t know, like WTF is going on. I gotta blame Nellie (since it is human nature to blame someone, right). He is relying on six or seven players and by the fourth quarter–or when they start getting tired and missing their easy and hard shots–our offense heads south. And since we are playing horrendous defense since game one, that leaves nada for November.

    What is worse is we are wearing Baron down and he is an injury waiting to happen. To me this seems like bad coaching; what does the guy who says “you have to love Nellie” think about them apples.

  • JustPuked

    Paddy Mac- Enough with the no defense myth. A HUGE part of last year’s run was the active defense causing deflections, steals and blocks. Suring the run, the extra possesions from all the turnovers caused by DEFENSE negated the discrepancy in rebounds. That’s not happening this year. The players just aren’t playing the same kind of D.

    Is that the coach’s fault? One has to wonder and fingers ALWAYS start getting pointed when loses pile up. The short player rotation is definitely a factor. Here’s the crux. What if Belinelli, POB and Wright [despite what my own eyes tell me] really aren’t ready for extended minutes? What if Nellie is doing this in large part to protect them and make sure they’re only in the game in situations in which he knows they can succeed? What if he IS making developing them a priority and wearing out the vets is just a consequence.

    Bringing on the Rooks/POB slowly may have been the plan all along. We can harp on the short bench but Jackson is out and vets Pietrus, Croshere and Hudson are also injured. That’s four veterans missing. I’m not sure we can blame the entire short bench on Nellie. Them apples are tempting, but I’ll let someone else taste test them for now. It’s hard to judge a team that’s missing 40% of their regular rotation.

  • EJ

    so here’s a question. if the warriors are contemplating extending baron’s contract at the end of the year, where would that leave monta? baron will probably be offered something at around 5-6 years. aren’t they grooming monta to be a point guard? so IF baron re-signs, are they going to pay a back up ‘not really’ a point guard to a max deal? wouldn’t the logical thing to do be to trade monta or baron? you can’t let them walk for nothing at the end of the year. maybe trade both? if baron leaves, monta runs the show next year? i don’t think thats such a good idea. i wonder if a team like the bulls would need a guy like baron? maybe we can use the trade exemption to land hinrich and thomas? maybe even nocioni?

  • manhattanproj

    let us all check out who the best collegiate player is right now. derrick rose look impressive. and beasely from k state. and the always hyped oj mayo. who’s going to be a stud?

    i hate to agree with barkley but he’s right. the west is too loaded right now and i dont think the w’s have what it takes to make the 8th spot. la with kobe is going to be there, NO is getting better with paul, and portland is going to sneak up on ppl.

    unless the w’s upgrade their roster, it’s hard to see how they can make the playoffs. even with jackson coming back, i dont see how the w’s will be a much improved team.

  • JustPuked

    EJ- Marcus had a great post on that a little while back: