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“After watching POB ball on Friday, I’m sure we were all dismayed by the Warriors cutting Lasme and signing Mbenga. Do you know what is up with that; and, with the Warriors in a money hoarding mode for next year’s big talent pool becoming available, why did we sign Kosta to three years, even though it is not much money by NBA standards?” – Commish

I was a bit shocked by that, but they are stacked at swingman. Will Lasme ever play, with Jackson, Harrington, Barnes, Pietrus, Wright and Croshere? But, as the game against the Clippers showed, the Warriors can use another big man, someone who can at least give them some fouls. When playing against stud post players, both Biedrins and O’Bryant are prone to foul trouble, which leaves the Warriors going small against low-post scorers late in the game. That’s a bad position to be in. At least Mbenga can come in during the third quarter and get in the way, saving Biedrins and POB some fouls.

Kosta was just a wish gone bad. They were hoping his combination of size and skill would pan out. Nellie loves nothing more than a big man who can shoot, but this dude is lost and soft. They better hope he develops quick, because otherwise, he’s going to steal some millions from the Warriors before being shipped back overseas.

Marcus Thompson

  • manhattanproj

    isnt lasme an undersized center? he’s not really a wing. why can’t you put him out there and see if he can hold his own ala millsap? this also makes you wonder why did they draft lasme?

  • commish

    After watching Mbenga play for ten minutes yesterday I’m glad we got him. I agree with you Kosta was just a mistake and whose contract we will likely eat sometime in the near future.