Stay on the Shooters!!! – Practice Edition

Heard a funny story from Warriors practice in New York. Some of the Warriors were engaged in three-on-three. The teams: Team PO’BE, rhymes with Kobe, (Pietrus, O’Bryant and Ellis) vs. Team BMW (Belinelli, Mbenga and Wright).

Team BMW took the first couple of games (to seven), prompting mountain to proclaim “We ain’t losing again! We ain’t losing again!”

Team PO’BE were up 5-2, when Team BMW began to make a run. For some inexplicable reason, Belinelli found himself all alone for a long ball. Of course he nailed it, and Monta went off. He was screaming something at Pietrus like – and I’m paraphrasing – “Why would you leave the shooter open!”

Monta’s rant of frustration resulted in Pietrus sulking on the side. Monta’s reaction (again, I’m paraphrasing): “Let’s go, Pat. It’s just me and you.” Team PO’BE became Team O’BE.

Sure, Pietrus was standing out by the 3-point line all alone, clapping for the ball. But Monta was fed up. He ignored Pietrus and took it to the rack 1-on-2.

As you could imagine, Team BMW eventually one. The best part is that we can take solace in known that Monta, like us, is frustrated when the shooter is left all alone. Welcome to our world, Monta.

Marcus Thompson